I kinda want to get back in....so anyone else wanna?

#1 Posted by UnrealDP (1258 posts) -

I got a wierd urge to get back into this game, i mean, i really liked it before my computer died. Maybe im just not saturated or its the old republic hype, but i think im going back in for another run, so any GB users wanna join? 
In a kinda recent bombcast (can't remember which) the crew confirmed that they would cover galaxies before TOR launches, so if we have a group of GB community members in place im sure that woud help out greatly.
#2 Posted by Kyle (2374 posts) -

You're a sick person.

#3 Posted by dancingpolkabear (231 posts) -

I'd be willing to if enough other people are willing to join in.

#4 Posted by allworkandlowpay (916 posts) -

I ugh, still play it ... just not on the ... uhm ... official servers.

Pre-CU was the bomb-diggity.

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