Just curious...

#1 Posted by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (452 posts) -

So, I was just curious if anyone knew who won the Galactic Civil War in Galaxies. I can't seem to find this information anywhere- even though the winner was supposedly declared on the 14th. >_>

#2 Posted by troidy (102 posts) -

The rebels won it overall. Some servers went Imperial, but not very many. I was just playing to see the end, but I heard a lot of talk like the Rebels were overpowered or something.

#3 Posted by ajamafalous (12396 posts) -

Did that have anything to do with the ratio of Rebels to Imperials on the loading screens? If so, last night on the stream, only 3 of the ~20 servers were Imperial; all the others were Rebel. 
If not, ignore that.

#4 Posted by deathstriker666 (1349 posts) -

Look at their forums

SWG Reb 56% Imp 44%
Ahazi Reb 36% Imp 74%
Bloodfin Reb 11% Imp 89%
Bria Reb 63% Imp 37%
Chilastra Reb 43% Imp 57%
Chimaera Reb 76% Imp 24%
Eclipse Reb 69% Imp 31%
FarStar Reb 66% Imp 34%
Flurry Reb 69% Imp 31%
Gorath Reb 77% Imp 23%
Radiant Reb 87% Imp 13%
Shadowfire Reb 93% Imp 7%
Starsider Reb 72% Imp 28%
Sunrunner Reb 4% Imp 96%

All the scores were on the loading screens like Ryan said during the video

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