Want to Experiance Star Wars Galaxies for yourself?

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The try Star Wars Galaxies Emu.  Fans have got together and built an almost exact copy of Star Wars Galaxies BEFORE the Empire Divided patch that supposedly ruined everything.  And it's FREE!!!!!
I stumbled accross this the other day and whilst I don't think it's a very good game (I'm a super newb so maybe I'm missing something) it's interesting enough to keep me coming back.  I'm honestly not sure how much they've managed to recreate but I'm willing to sink my teeth into it and see if I can get a fraction of the experiance SWG veterans had.
I actually hope a load of GBers jump in  for the laugh, we should get a guild going and just sit and waste our lives away in a galaxy far far away.  If you do decide to join, join the LIBERATOR server and hit up Vikine Dede...that's me.  Look forward to seeing you all.

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