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A game which set a standard

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast is a direct sequel to the 1997 game, Star Wars: Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight. The story continues that of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who discovered that he has a strong connection to The Force. Over the course of JK1, Kyle finds himself to be a Jedi apprentice; but gives up his Jedi status as he nearly became a slave to the power of the Dark Side of The Force.

At the start of JK2, we find Kyle and his partner Jan Ors exploring an imperial facility in which they discover there are projects going on which create crystals for lightsabers. When attempting to leave the facility, Jan and Kyle encounter the main villains of the story - Desann and Tavion.

I feel that is enough exposition, though.

The story of JK2 is easily one of the high-points. It has many twists, turns and interesting gameplay devices to carry you through its 8+ hour campaign. These devices range from 3rd & 1st person shooting and puzzles to lightsaber battles and the choice of Light or Dark Force Powers. The inclusion of the latter feature means that you get to choose which path you take along the route of the game, which has a direct influence on how the story will play out for you. Though not the first game to have this concept, it uses it extremely well. You truly get the sense that the decisions you're making throughout the story are shaping your character.

This game uses the most popular engine of the era, the Quake III engine. With that, it's easy to expect colorful visuals, great effects and lots & lots of custom skins in the multiplayer.

The multiplayer is just as important as the single player in JK2. It uses a lot of the same gameplay mechanics (such as 1st/3rd person shooting, force powers, etc) in an extremely polished way. You can challenge other users to lightsaber duels during FFA matches; play capture the flag with your choice of weapons or force; or simply blow people up in team deathmatch. This feature set is fairly standard for the era, but the inclusion of force powers and lightsabers changes it up in a significant way - making it easy to lose hours upon hours into online duels and deathmatches.

Every aspect of JK2 comes together in a masterful way, also including its soundtrack, voice acting and visual style.

It comes very easy to recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars universe, and especially to anyone who loves a unique multiplayer. There is still an online community for this game, and it can be found on Steam for a very reasonable price (sometimes even on sale).

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast gets 10/10 from me.

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