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So, I bought the Star Wars Jedi Knight bundle back in November, and I'm thinking of diving in. Chances are, though, that they've aged terribly and I was looking for a little input.

Is there any need to play them in order (...and what is the order)? If not, which is the best and is it worthwhile just ditching some.

Don't judge me - I'm deathly hungover and have a hankering for some old-school action.
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I only played Jedi Academy. It was a lot of fun, the combat was surprisingly good and the graphics were fine. Dismembering Stormtroopers was fun and the story was interesting for the most part. I do not know about the others though.

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Does that bundle include the Dark Forces games? If that's the case the order is:

-Dark Forces
-Dark Forces II
-Jedi Knight II: Outcast
-Jedi Knight II: Academy

It is very much worth it to go through them in order in my opinion, although the first two haven't aged as well as the second two.
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@Rattle618: Yeah, it does. Thanks a lot, man. I'll just install them all just now then.

I've heard a lot of good things about Jedi Academy, just have to work my way there first :)
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Can't see this on the UK page - at least not advertised prominently ala the ARMA sale.

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I decided to boot up Jedi Outcast's multiplayer. People are still playing that game, don't get me wrong it's a great game but it's realllyyy old.

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