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Only imperial Stormtroopers are so precise 0

Star Wars is a terrific license, and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy utilizes it to it's fullest to make a game that is not amazing by any means, but simply loads of fun. You won't be ranting to your friends about how it looks so real, but instead quietly thinking to yourself about how bad-ass it is to kill ten Stormtroopers in five seconds, then turn around and watch their bodies fall to the ground in slow motion. Jedi Academy has you (surprise!) taking on the role of a Jedi Knight. You'll start th...

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Fun Jedi-sim action 0

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a Jedi-themed shooter with light RPG elements, is one of the better games to use the Star Wars license.    The player assumes the role of young Jaden Korr (gender and species user-defined). Korr is a protégé of Kyle Katarn (protagonist of the earlier Jedi Knight games) at Luke Skywalker's newly reopen Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.  In a Harry Potter-sque twist, as soon as Korr arrives as a student he is thrust into a life-and-death adventure as dark Jedi (sith)...

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Epic 0

jedi academys graphics are epic, and unbeatable. the gameplay and storyline works, and ja is even better if u use the mods. u can choose which missions to play out in order. The voice acting is okay, and jedi academy is so good ive spent over 110 hrs o f it on steam. I would definitely reccomend it to any PC star wars gamer...

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Jedi Academy’s greatest fault is also the game’s main assumption 2

It doesn’t want to by anything like Jedi Outcast.   Apparently there was a lot of outcry from the gaming community about certain qualities of Outcast; This time around the developers decided to let go everything that made the great predecessor a good game. Firstly, the decided to give access to the lightsaber since day one. Okay, I can understand that when people play a Star Wars title they don’t want to wait for getting their hands on Jedi’s weapon of choice (like it was in Outcast, where you h...

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