Desperately needs a new game.

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I think almost everyone can agree that Star Wars games have hit a rough patch recently, force unleashed brought some interesting things to the table but fell a bit short. And I don't think I need to mention Star Wars Kinect. This franchise had great combat good writing Impressive voice work. and was just as immersive as any Kotor or Battlefront game. Jedi Knight joins the long list of video game franchises that just disappeared but really shouldn't have. The Star Wars license has so much potential and with today's tech Lucas Arts could make a kick ass Jedi Knight game.

Or they could just make Jar Jar Binks teaches Phonics.............

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I just bought Star Wars the Old Republic for that half off sale they had. And its not bad, even though it is an mmo. I dont mind it as much as something like wow, which gets on my nerves because all you do is look at the highlighted text. The problem I do have with Kotar is that you cant relate to your character, so you dont have sympathy for it.

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I have fond memories of Jedi Academy multiplayer.

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Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (and Mysteries of the Sith to a lesser degree) on the MSN Gaming Zone was BAD ASS.

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Dark Forces II yiiiieaahhh. 
That game is one of the reasons why I laugh anytime someone says a shitty game like Rogue Squadron is the best Star Wars game. 

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Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy where also great because they had Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in them and it was a neat way to continue the story of the movies too.

EDIT: He isn't credited in these games? I swear he was in at least Jedi Academy!!! I remember from the early trainning missions on Yavin!

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@Jams: Pretty sure it was a damn good voice impersonator doing Luke Skywalker in those games.

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Imma say it was alright. But i don't think it needs a sequel.

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Agreed, make a lightsaber based game and do it right

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Lucasarts is currently too fucked up to make anything worth playing.

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I want a REAL KOTAR sequel. Fuck those games were so damn good. But Jedi knight was pretty damn awesome too.

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Jedi Academy is probably the best star wars game

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star wars battlefront, i had so much hope when i saw that leaked teaser trailer for battlefront 3

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I remember the first time I Force Choked a stormtrooper, only to use Lightsaber Throw and fuck his world up.
"Get behind him!"

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Yes. Hell yes. That was a great series, what are you waiting for lucasarts?

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I've been saying this for years. The mod community is fucking fantastic for Academy. I just don't know how current-day Lucasarts could produce another winner.

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A Jedi Knight game with physics like Force Unleashed could be incredible. Why wasn't that whole game just force choking wookies through tree's?

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After putting more than my fair share of time into Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast I was disappointed in Jedi Academy. I got a very strong iterative feel without much of the charm of the previous games. I did like the ability to customize a character at the start but ultimately, it just didn't stand up to the others for me. Based on the current track record of Star Wars games, I would rather this one stayed buried for a bit longer until somebody who wants to make a cool game instead of just a cash-in joins up with Lucasarts.

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