Anyone tried the Mac App Store version of KOTOR?

#1 Posted by iPhone_Tyler (136 posts) -

I'm thinking of picking it up, my old copy got lost in my most recent move.  Anyone try it?  Have any impressions of the quality of the port?

#2 Posted by ckeats (489 posts) -

I got it the other day. It's pretty much the same as the PC version.  
There was a lot of lag when I first booted it, but they had a link on their page in the app store with a terminal command that magically fixed it. Runs like a dream on my 2010 MBP and it don't even get that hot.  (normally during any other game ,I can flip it over and cook some delicious bacon on it.)
I recommend it for the price.

#3 Posted by iPhone_Tyler (136 posts) -
@kud12001: Cool, thanks for the advice! I think I'll pick it up this weekend.

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