KOTOR glitch problems

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ok I need someones help figuring this out, I've recently started playing through this game again on my 360 and a couple of things keep happening that shouldn't

- sound cuts out such as blasters and lightsaber noises, conversations still have sound

- seems to be lag while someone is talking

- a high pitch screech happens every now and then for some odd reason

- the worst of the glitches is when I try and go to Tatooine. I've been able to go here before, this is the first star map I got after Dantooine but now that I have all the maps and try to go and finish up some side missions before going to the Star Forge, the game freezes as soon as I step foot in Anchorhead. I can roam the docking bay perfectly fine though

can someone please tell why these keep happening? I really want to know of the last glitch the most, I don't remember any of this happening on the original xbox

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I'm sorry but those things are supposed to be happening, I'm afraid the 360 emulation for the kotor games is fucking shoddy.
I experienced all these things myself, and I can only urge you to save multiple saves and often, or play it on an original xbox.

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I know this doesn't address your issue at all, but the game costs $10 on Steam, and whatever computer you're using right now is nearly guaranteed to be able to run an 8-year-old game without any performance issues. Though when I played it I was running Windows XP, so I can't vouch for how well it works on newer operating systems.

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