Who else thinks this game has the greatest plot twist *SPOILERS*

#1 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

I almost fell off my chair when I found out who my character was.

#2 Posted by BigbyWolf (8 posts) -

[Elitist derision] Pfft, it was pretty obvious all along.

#3 Posted by Cipher (32 posts) -

The plot twist was pretty crazy.  I didn't see it coming at all.

#4 Posted by Vermouth (16 posts) -

People seem to be of two minds regarding KOTOR's plot twist.  They either thought it was totally transparent or mind blowing.  I fell into  the latter part of that divide and was pretty shocked by the twist; but in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have been. 

Another excellent one which I don't think i've ever met anyone who saw it coming was the end of No One Lives Forever.  That ending was so crazy. 

#5 Posted by Rexman64 (36 posts) -

Loved it. It almost makes up for me having been born too many years late to be shocked by the "I am your father" reveal.

#6 Posted by Antsmifff (43 posts) -

It had the right effect on me, i was angry that Bastila hadn't told me. But i also felt like i wasn't the same person. That was the first time i ever felt really really emotionaly involved in a video game character.

#7 Posted by Apollo (467 posts) -

I'd probably say yeah.

Though Bioshocks complete laugh in the face to every gamer was pretty good too mainly because it just took the whole gaming formula and slapped you in the face with it...

#8 Posted by Vecta (181 posts) -

Yeah I loved it.

#9 Posted by Leon31 (136 posts) -

I'll say yes, however I kind of new thanks to a certain friend spoiling it for me a day before I got to that part.

#10 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

At first i didnt care much, until i realised how much power i could have >:D

#11 Posted by Clean (2433 posts) -

I really liked it. It was a shocker!

#12 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

I remember my first time playing and it got me by surprise, i genuinely wasn't expecting it to be the player character at all.

#13 Posted by thai_jedi (110 posts) -

I had no idea at all I was 13 at the time so story telling wasn't yet a formula like it is in english class. Man I have to say I was so shocked I just stared at the screen saying to myself HOLY !@#$IN GOD over and over and over again.. No other game has made me feel this way before

#14 Posted by marcandrer (34 posts) -

sadly, that part was spoiled for me by a friend. but I have to admit it was pretty crazy!

#15 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

It was great, and I loved it... but not the greatest... surprised the hell out of me thuogh

#16 Posted by SkaOreo (15 posts) -

It was really well done.  Should have been something obvious, yet it still too k me by surprised.  That's how well written it was.

#17 Posted by AEKtzis (123 posts) -

hah yea it was good...what...you mean im the bad gu....wtf?

 lol personally KOTOR is my favorite RPG ever. I hope they make another one.

#18 Posted by JuMP (100 posts) -

The thing I liked about the twist was that although it did catch me off guard, it never took me out of the story. It made sense and it didn't feel like a twist for the sake of a twist.

#19 Posted by Kloreep (147 posts) -

Definitely my favorite moment of the game. I had picked up on Carth's initial hint on Taris and had figured my character had been mind-wiped. But somehow, I utterly failed to pick up on the clues to who I was, so it was quite a surprise that I was THAT person.

I had an even better time watching a friend play through the Leviathan. I had told him I wanted to see him start out "on Maanan" after he told me he was on his last planet. He gave me a sour "so that's what this is about" look when the Ebon Hawk got picked up, but it was nothing compared to the look he gave me after he hit the twist. :D

#20 Posted by pbhawks45 (819 posts) -

It's right up there with Luke and Darth Vader being father and son.


#21 Posted by Nobility (299 posts) -

One of the best for sure but you could see it coming and you could see some similarities to Malak/Revan and Vader/Skywalker.  One of the best games I've ever played.

#22 Posted by virgogenofiend (6 posts) -

Damn i didn't even know that jedi could do that to a mind like that ! they twisted the living ....i mean cybernetic fook outta the plot . it was great till the end ! brovo ! i really thought i was going to gain some sort of new powers when i awakened as revan .... i was like fook ! oh well !

#23 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

I thought it was great. Speaking of, I am now going to go cleanse all mention of it in the KOTOR character pages.

*Saw a blurb saying Revan was KOTOR's protagonist earlier and was quite annoyed at blatant disregard for spoilers*

Also, I suppose that begs the question, should one add Revan to the party members friends lists? I mean, technically yes, they are friends, but it's a pretty big spoiler...

#24 Posted by Kloreep (147 posts) -

I don't think the spoiler needs to be removed completely - just removed completely from the main KOTOR and KOTOR2 game pages. And I suppose from the Revan blurb; I saw that too and thought it was a pretty horrible place to put that revelation. But if there's going to be a Revan page, it's going to have to have spoilers, unless it's going to be just a single paragraph.

#25 Posted by Spacetrucking (1063 posts) -

I saw it coming and I found the actual revelation kind of amusing. :P

It was still an awesome story though. Probably better than all the prequel movies put together. :/

#26 Posted by GameFreak315 (157 posts) -

That sequence totally messed with me.  I actually felt different as the character, which is weird because I usually never have that deep of a connection.  It took me a minute and several more conversations to actually get a grasp on what happened.  :P

#27 Posted by TheGreatFillip (8 posts) -

I played KOTOR II first of the two. I didn't know going into KOTOR what the twist would be, but when I thought back to that first conversation with Atton, the fact that I had no memory, and a few other fore-shadowing things, I figured it out right before it actually came. Didn't make it any less amazing, and afterwards being a total dick about it, reminding everyone that I was a Revan (Dark-Side)

I have played through the game about 4 or 5 times now, and I always look forward to the confrontation on the Leviathan. Also, once you play through the game again after finding you, you really notice all of the foreshadowing they did. It was one of the most cleverly obvious plot twists ever.

#28 Posted by pweidman (2447 posts) -

It caught me pretty good as well.  The story in KOTOR was better than any of the movies...no offense to any/all the SW's fans.

#29 Edited by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

I'm never going to play it, I tried but too late on and couldn't really get into it, anyone want to tell me what it was or give me a link?
Last summer or so actually was when I tried picked it up at a friends house.

#30 Edited by Jimbo (10269 posts) -

I loved it, I didn't see it coming either.  I think it was probably before that point where every game, book and movie released seemingly had to have a twist.

I posted this in another thread, but Revan has to be the baddest badass ever to come out of the Star Wars universe.  Listening to that Ron Perlman guy fill in Revan's backstory was epic.

He has to be something to do with TOR, right?  I mean, he flys off to Sith space to presumably kick their ass and yet here they are 300 years later invading the shit out of the Republic.  If they don't have Revan as the ultimate bad guy responsible for the invasion, then Bioware have failed forever as far as I'm concerned.

#31 Posted by SpaceGandhi (102 posts) -

KOTOR's plot twist is one of the reasons why it is my favorite game. I must admit, I never once considered that I was Revan. I can still remember the night I played that section of the game. As soon as Malak revealed the truth to me my parents said that dinner was ready. I left the game running, went to the table and hardly ate anything. I was emotionally devastated. As I was playing the game as a Sith it was a somewhat satisfying character moment. But I was so connected with my character I myself began to question who I was and how I could forget my past. It was one of the best character moments I have ever had in a game.

#32 Posted by IBurningStar (2205 posts) -

I'm one of those people who managed to put it all together before the actual reveal happened. I was still sort of surprised when I turned out to be right, but it wasn't mind blowing. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is without a doubt the best plot twist ever, but I would rank it high up there.

#33 Edited by Jeust (11572 posts) -

 For me the greatest plot twist is in Jade Empire. 

#34 Posted by Toms115 (2325 posts) -
@Apollo said:
" I'd probably say yeah. Though Bioshocks complete laugh in the face to every gamer was pretty good too mainly because it just took the whole gaming formula and slapped you in the face with it... "
apart from the fact that they pulled the same twist with system shock 2, too. 
i've never been able to summon the energy to finish kotor after it was spoiled for me.
#35 Posted by Stete (784 posts) -

Admittetly it has been done before but what makes it stand out is that it gives you a solid connection with Darth Malak, who was an awesome antagonist.   And now I want KOTOR 3 -_-
But the best plot twist for me must be the end of MGS3 which absolutely floored me.

#36 Posted by LiudvikasT (22 posts) -

The plot twist made me turn to the dark side, jedi betrayal was too great to be forgiven.

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