Anyone Else Played This?

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I was just reminiscing about Star Trek: Birth of the Federation and Star Wars: Rebellion came to mind as well. They both came out about the same time a decade ago and I can remember wasting obscene amounts of time on them. While Rebellion wasn't exactly the most fully featured 4X game around the Star Wars aesthetic and attention to detail with the planets, ships and characters were astounding. I've long since lost my copy of the game, and I doubt it would work on any current computer, but I'd love to play it again.
So, has anyone else played Rebellion and have fond memories? Or are the mists of time simply making a crummy game I played in my early teens seem like a golden oldie?

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I played this game first a LONG time ago. I still have the CD, and I installed it a few weeks ago and played it for a few minutes. I actually got it to work on Vista lol. When I first played it I didn't understand how to play it at all because I'd never played any 4X games, and that's what made it so good. When I finally conquered the galaxy even though I didn't know what I was doing it was awesome. I even played it 1v1 LAN, and it took forever. I still think it's a good game, but game design has certainly come a long way since then.

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