Rumors are flying all over Youtube.

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So, Republic Commando was one of those games I loved to play the Single Player over and over on my original Xbox. And I've just gone on Youtube check out some old vids to remind me of the fun I use to have and apparently people are saying there is a sequel planned and it is coming next july. So, my question is: True or False. 

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uuuum false? if you trust anything you hear on youtube then you  need to leave the internet

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@Ryax: I don't trust it. But because this is a game I used to love I'm hoping it is true. That is why I'm asking to see if people can make the inner child in me happy to see this game coming out with a sequel.
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@JoeRiccadonna: no there wont be a sequel.  
EDIT: well i cant say wont. there may be but at this point in time there isnt one planned
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When did YouTube comments become a source?

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@MB: Wasn't taking anything there for valid but I was wishing they were true and hoping someone could say they were.
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After playing that game so many times on PC and being blown away by the ending. Not meaning there's a big twist, but the way they've done it and how the music plays. It makes me hope that their is a second one.

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As much as I hope and wish that there will be a new Republic Commando (along with a new Jedi Knight), I know that, at least for now, neither have been announced, and as such, I am doubtful either will be back in the near future.

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I get you were a big fan, but don't get your hopes up, at least wait for rumors from sources that at least seem credible. 
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At this point, I highly doubt it.

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YouTube: Your #1 source for complete bullshit information. 

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Oh if only. Alas, YouTube is not the place to acquire accurate information.

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Right, a game will come out in three months that hasn't been at all announced. That sounds extremely likely. 
Also everyone knows Youtube is the world's primary source of truth and accuracy. 

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