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Star Wars At It's Finest

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is an air-battle based game published by LucasArts and what a helluva ride it is! Star Wars: Rogue Squadron takes players on a tour of the Star Wars universe via space battles on planets only before known from some mention in backstory or loose dialogue from the films. The game offers a wide variety of spacecraft which fans of the franchise have come to know from the familiar franchise such as: X-Wings, A-Wing, and Y-Wings just to name a few. Each ship comes equipped with it's own unique pro's and con's which give the players a bit of free reign over how their experience goes from level to level. Different ships also come equipped with their own unique specialty weapon like a small immobilizing ion-cannon which can disable enemy ships and equipment or cluster torpedoes which can branch off and take out several enemies at once.

The graphics are fairly good with a nice, smooth frame-rate as well as a balanced ability to switch from in-cockpit to an exterior, third-person view where all outside interaction can be viewed. The sound effects are familiar to the ears of fans and give a sense of nerd satisfaction. The game has a few unlockables which will delight the truly nerdy and add a little extra little fanfare to an already exceptional Star Wars release.

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