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Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire despite any backlash from reviewers should be played. This game is one of the most fun of any console game I have yet played and for a STAR WARS title is the best game LucasArts has ever released. The game pits players in a "shadow storyline" which plays behinds the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back and leads upto the events right before the beginning of Return of The Jedi. Players take the role of a smuggler/mercenary Dash Rendar who is similar to (and friends with) Han Solo.

As Dash Rendar, you will fight alongside the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Hoth, travel to Ord Mantell, and other fun locations seen and mentions in the original trilogy. The game switches between third person (although the camera can be switched to several other different angles... pretty much something for everyone) and vehicular combat. Along the way players can find an arsenal to help them on their cause; fought on foot and hone their skills in the deeps of space against enemy fighters. The story plays alongside the events which unfold in the films and the player realizes they have much more to do with the actual events of the films than they originally may have been inclined to believe.

The graphics, sound, and story are -ALL- top notch and this games only downfall is actually it's criticism for just being a "play-test template" to decide whether Star Wars was still a marketable franchise in the gaming world. Anyone who takes the time to sit down and actually play this game will find themselves immersed in a world of Star Wars backstory which unfolds into much grander scope, that which occurs to those of us already familiar with the film series. This game is a total nerd bonus and a die-hard fan would be hard pressed to find a better game that lets them delve this deeply into the Star Wars universe.


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