Probaly first game I lowered diffculty to get through.

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Ok, so I was playing this game on normal, and was doing fine until I got to that Gorog boss battle. OMG what a horrible boss fight. It seems liek he would only do the move to hit his shackles every 5 minutes and it was just a tedious tough boss fight. I lowered the diffculty to easy to just get past that one boss, now I dont wanna go back to normal because ill get no end game trophy. But really, I jsut want to get through this game. Its underwhelming to me, and I just want to get it over with. I dont like not beating a game I rent, so im just trying to get this one done and over with as fast as possible.  Am I missing something with this game? the story in the first was so engaging, but this one just seems rushed and not very well structured. Also, the voice cast is getting on my nerves. I want to literaly force punch Kota in his blind face. And the apprentices voice work is of notably lesser quality in this game then the first.
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Yeah, that boss fight was annoying.  I used lightning to damage the boss while i waited for the wrists.  I understand why there are so many checkpoints and why you get full health.  Seems like you can barely dodge any damage.  Enemies cause too much damage also.  Yeah, story is horrible, the voice acting is really horrible, and the best thing about the game is that its short.  I doubt I could put up with this bad game for more then four hours.
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ha I did it on normal. and yeah it isn't a relly good game

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Amazon seems to think it's not a good game too.  They have been selling the Collector's Edition for a just a few bucks more than the normal one.  For weeks now.  That must have been one poorly selling CE.
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It's a really bad game, hugely disappointing as the concept of this hugely overblown force use is really good.

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