This game shows why everyone would go to the Dark Side

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If the Dark Side is supposed to be the 'easy' way out, then man, I missed something big time. I've just completed this game for the first and last time (second highest difficulty). The bosses seemed to be mostly broken. Regular combat flipped between enjoyably easy and hideously frustrating (when did the Imperials grow 10ft tall soldiers who are force resistant because they wear black armour??) and I don't think I've sworn at the TV as much playing any game, ever. And I play Battlefield online. 
Still, the plot was actually pretty cool and when the combat was in the enjoyably easy (note: not boring) zone, the game was actually really good. Just, so many things were wrong. Many of which have already been littered on this forum, I've noticed. This game took what should have been immensely fun and simple and completely over-complicated it.  
What I'm saying is, I imagine this game is best played on a lower (normal?) difficulty and enjoyed to the best of your ability. I am, however, looking forward to the sequel now as a result, but in hope that it actually fixes a lot of the problems so it's as enjoyable as TFU1 should have been. 
Also, (end game spoilers)

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Exactly. I've been trying to get back into pushing the harder difficulties (spurred on by achievements, but that's where I think achievements do work) so with games like Mass Effect 2, I did a run through on the highest difficulty. TFU takes the biscuit in terms of difficulty. There is no difficulty curve, just someone drawing a straight line and wobbling an awful lot. If this was fixed, along with some major targeting issues, the sequel could easily be an exceptionally enjoyable game, regardless of difficulty.

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