holabendez's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360) review

A Good Game with frustrating elements

This game is a pretty good Star Wars fan boys delight. I wouldn't say I'm a big Star Wars fan, but I had fun playing the game. Unfortunately that fun was tempered by considerable frustration with the controls which were less than perfect. Having the ability to use The Force would as you expect lead to some pretty cool situations however the controls didn't feel entirely right and there were plenty of times my character would ultimately not do what I was hoping it to do. The problem rested largely with the poor targeting controls that would often find some random piece of flotsam for your character to target rather than the very obvious enemy in front of you. 
When the controls were working as I had hoped them too, the game was very satisfying and told a surprisingly strong story. In many ways it bridges the gap between the horrible prequels and the original trilogy with a good piece of narrative that is actually far superior to the meandering mess that was the prequels.  
With the impending launch of the sequel, I wonder if it would be best for a person new to the game to simply wait for the sequel, where hopefully all the frustrating elements have been ironed out, because on the whole the production values in this game are excellent, so a game that fixes all the niggling problems would likely be a very good one.


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