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Star Wars- The Force Unleashed... almost...

After all the hype surrounding this game, it doesn't quite deliver, but sure doesn't disappoint.  TFU is truly a remarkable piece of work, putting together Euphoria and other physics engines that make the game truly 'unleashed'. You start the game off with a killer tutorial playing as the masked metal-head himself, DARTH VADER. But soon, you get to control Darth Vader's secret apprentice, called Starkiller. not to ruin the plot, the story is not bad, taking your character to a wide variety of locales, such as the charming and cheery TIE fighter factory, or the Blooming Junkyard world, and even to the land with giant mushrooms, Felucia. The gameplay is not bad but can get repetitive. The graphics are very nice and the animations of the characters are SUPERB. But what pulls this game down is the length of the game, spanning only about six to seven hours, and the camera... oh dear... the camera in this game can get in the way and it also makes targeting an enemy frustrating. The music is great, including the usual John Williams scores, and the sound effects are top notch. TFU isn't a bad game, its just not what we hoped it to be. It's a definite buy for any Star Wars fan, and a great choice for a rent. Give it a try and you'll have a blast...er.... I couldn't resist.... May the Force be with You... ALWAYS..... 4 out of 5


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