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In this Star Wars game, Anakin is sent to Tatooine to investigate a new type of battle droid being made that is invulnerable to lightsabers, making them very lethal.  He is then hunted down and held in captivity by Jabba the Hutt.  Anakin escapes, and is called to the Coruscant.

 While on Coruscant, Anakin chases down and defeats a Dark Jedi named Trenox, and uncovers Count Dooku's plot to destroy the Jedi Archives. Anakin was able to stop him, but Dooku escapes. Anakin is next sent to Metalorn, where he is to destroy the Cortosis Droid Factory where the new droids were being made.  He then captured Wat Tambor, the leader of theTechno Union. While leaving the factory. with Anakin battles  a clone of Count Dook. After a long battle, Count Dooku was defeated and the game concludes.


The game is presented in an Isometric look, to give the feel of a unique 3-D view. There are numerous droids and aliens to fight, which makes for plenty of opportunities to use Anakin's lightsaber to attack or reflect incoming blaster shots. After passing each successive area, new force powers are earned that can aid Anakin later on. There are five such force powers in all, including the dash, jump, and push skills seen in the movies, as well as two others: the ability to heal faster and the ability to remain invisible for extended periods.

Just as stamina decreases when Anakin is attacked, his force power also diminishes after every use. Since there are no health or force items to collect, the only ways to recover stamina and regain force power are to either stand still until both indicators are full again, or use the meditation power learned later in the game to recover faster.

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