After level 15, you pay.

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@mosdl said:

@KrypticKiller: So just wait for it to go f2p, or just play WoW. Complaining here won't change anything.

Complaining is what the internet is for. :)

However it was mentioned on a Bombcast recently that you probably would not need to buy a retail copy of the game.. So I just thought I would post saying that you do. Yes I went on a bit of a rant but again, it's the internet. Complaining may not change anything but venting frustrations helps calm one's self. Even if it's something as trivial as paying for a game.

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Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

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@KrypticKiller said:

A lot of morons on here. You can not compare this game to WOW. I play wow, it is not going to be a f2p game so it makes sense buying the retail disc after you reach level 20. Star wars is going to be free at some point, so them trying to get me to buy the disc is just fucking stupid. They should take any money they can get. My 200+ dollars on a monthly sub is better then the amount they currently get from me.@Jrad said:

I've definitely played quite a few MMOs that let you subscribe without actually buying the game. SWG, Eve Online (well, they charge $19.95 for the first month), City of Heroes, I think Auto Assault, and Dark Age of Camelot. Obviously TOR is still trying to make as much money on sales before they inevitably go F2P, but it's not unusual for MMOs to let you convert your trial account to a subscription account without buying a CD key.

Apparently you and I are the only ones who have done this before. That or I just pissed off the Star Wars nerds.

Calling people morons won't win you any friends here.

Is WoW an mmorpg? Yes.

Is SWTOR an mmorpg? Yes.

Since both are mmorpg they can and will be compared, especially since SWTOR was raised to be WoW competitor and possibly WoW-klller (and we all know that didn't turn out as well as EA hoped).

And everyone is basically telling you the same thing that is telling you, albeit in their own unique ways. EA is trying to sell as many copies before they go f2p, and they have not decided on how that f2p model will work yet. They may go the Guild Wars route and only require you to buy the game and not pay a monthly fee. Or they may go full f2p with micro-transactions.

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So just wait 6 months. Simple.

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