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With Star Wars. The Old Republic coming out and the quarrels of reviewing a MMO I though of another way of covering the game.

How about a daily video diary of the experiences in the game? I think the 5 day pre-order early access would be great opportunity to show the people, who haven’t already decided to buy the game, a glimpse what it’s all about.

It might be difficult or too time consuming to produce something with a lot of game video, but I would content with coverage in the same format as Jar time - someone just talking about the happenings of the day, the good and bad or maybe some tips or tricks.

But who should do it?

Jeff seems to dislike the genre and hate everything Star Wars, Ryan just want to break every in a game, Brad has OCD and Vinny seems busy running the site … so?

Dave and Andy have covered MMOs before, or maybe you have another hidden gem in the engineering dungeon who could do it.

I hope the idea will be considered, as I really would like some coverage of the game, and not just a normal review a month after release.

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Dave and Andy are probably the only options. I'd totally watch a 'Dave shot first' video series.

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The comments on those videos are already hurting my brain.

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Wasn't there the WoW videos they did with Rorie? Might be worth having him sit in on it if he's interested.

#5 Posted by Fubar (166 posts) -

@White_Silhouette: He seems awfully busy running screened.

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I'm honestly more interested in seeing them cover the death of Star Wars Galaxies.

I'd rather watch Rodians and Wookies dance as the universe collapses instead of seeing some guy harvesting cat teeth.

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@Fubar: Very good point. Didn't think of that.

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@coakroach: From what I have heard there aren't really a lot of "cat teeth" gathering in the game. Also I would like to hear about the game from someone who hasn't been totally tainted by the horrible EA hype.

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Listening to the bombcast bummed me out a bit. Not about the game itself - I was in the weekend beta, and I absolutely loved it! But Jeff's not an mmo fan, and not a star wars fan, and yeah.. I'm not surprised he found it to be a polished experience that didn't work for him. Which is totally cool, but I'd love if one of those duders got really into it, because I think there's a lot to love and there's change worth championing here for the future of mmos. I think Vinny would really get into this, and have my fingers crossed for his coverage. Actually my dream team would be Brad and Vinny on this, because I think the multiplayer dialogue system is great fun, and if they want to go in different directions on some stories that could lead to much hilarity!

Mechanically, this is a very Mass Effect style story married to an mmo instead of a third person shooter. I tried a bunch of classes, but mainly got my Sith Inquisitor to lvl 15 and my Imperial Agent to lvl 11. As a Sith Inquisitor, I was having a blast - occasionally being evil, but taking some light side choices when I felt my character could justify it. One minor quest here in particular stood out, because they had the same outcome "kill him", but my outlook as to why I chose to do it informed whether it was a light side or dark side decision. Thought that was neat And the scene when you get your 1st companion in that game was bad ass! As an Agent - I was playing sides against each other (including possibly deceiving my own for my own needs) and doing very james bond like things - going undercover, sweeping a room I was staying in for bugs before calling out to my superiors.

Basically I think the class stories have been so far great and designed to make you feel like you're really playing a sith or a spy or whatever your class dictates. The world quests are sometimes really great as well, and sometimes yeah sure - cat teeth, but that's really unfairly singling out some minor quests you could easily ignore and get your xp elsewhere if you wanted in a sea of quests that each of these worlds have.

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Yes a 2 computers deal ... 2 characters etc , 2 starting zones and what not Dave and Vinny ^^ or whoever wants to do it in whiskey media ... it seems Kessler liked it as he made a guild for GB users

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I would love to have more Dave and I really would be interested in watching. Have been invited to the beta but gave up after being in queue for 2 hours. I'll just experience it all new at launch.

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BioWare has done an awesome job of meaningfully contextualizing "collect six cat teeth" within the confines of an MMORPG experience.  I had a great time playing the game during the beta weekend, and I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I really got into the story of my Sith Juggernaut.  
I thought it was jaw-dropping that Jeff so strongly disliked it.  This is the same person who paid hundreds of dollars for a lifetime subscription to Star Trek Online and gave Mass Effect 2 a GotY award.  I would have pegged this game to be up his alley.  I guess he just really hates Star Wars.
If I could pick the person who covers SWTOR, it would be Dave.  Then again, I would pick Dave to review all games.  I'm Dave-biased.

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Your best bet for a video series from the site may be the interns. It seems like they pick up the slack for any game that the main crew has no interest in/time for - and given that SWtOR comes out a week before Christmas, well...

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With all the game play videos out now and being able to do the beta last weekend, I don't see how anyone could be so clueless to the game and if they want to play it or not. I mean do people seriously need a review to tell them to play a game or not?

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@sins_of_mosin said:

With all the game play videos out now and being able to do the beta last weekend, I don't see how anyone could be so clueless to the game and if they want to play it or not. I mean do people seriously need a review to tell them to play a game or not?

I've never thought of GB as purchasing advice for games. Its about wanting to see interesting/entertaining content.

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With them covering the end of Galaxy, I would hope a short series of the start of the start of the new one. They have kinda done this for Star Trek and Matrix.

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They should lock Greg Kasavin in a room and let him play SWTOR while they record it...
but seriously... i always enjoyed his MMO reviews... greg has always been the MMO dude for gamespot back in the days.

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I'd love some Giantbomb coverage but my hopes are low. I'm sure we'll see plenty of coverage from the other larger outlets, and there are a ton of fansites that are doing an impeccable job keeping up with the game. Darth Hater comes to mind.

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My guess is that one of the interns will pick up the game. Probably Kessler.

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I think your best bet is to just go elsewhere. They seem to have made their stance pretty clear, so unless an intern decides to pick it up and run with it I doubt we'll get much more insight than the standard: "M'eh. M'eh m'eh Star Wars m'eh m'eh m'eh. M'eh MMO m'eh m'eh m'eh m'eh".

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The way Jeff focused on the now infamous cat teeth quest to the exclusion of any other merit in TOR kind of tells you the quality of the coverage they would give it.

They like Star Trek, and dislike Star Wars. Long and short.

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@Fubar said:
I think the 5 day pre-order early access would be great opportunity to show the people, who haven’t already decided to buy the game, a glimpse what it’s all about.
It's an MMO.
Boom. Problem solved.

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