Anyone still play this?

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Just curious, i missed out on this game when it came out, i was a Star Wars Galaxies player so was looking forward to this game for a while. Been busy so couldnt play it on launch, now 6 months down the line hows the game looking? I heard endgame was an issue with not much to do, i also hear server transfers are happening, so i assume theres alot of dead servers. My question is do you think its worth picking up right now? theres talk of this game going free to play which kind of steers me away from buying it now, but then again i really want to play the game, even if its for like a month.

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I actually just canceled my subscription. It's not a bad MMO, and it actually has some flashes of pretty brilliant stuff in some of the class story quests. I guess my problems with it lie with MMOs in general (spending hours leveling but not getting any progress, slow, repetitive combat, etc.) That being said, I gave it around 200 (mostly enjoyable) hours of my life.

I think it's free to play until level 15 or something now, so I would recommend checking that out, then buying the game if you feel like playing more afterwards. It won't become truly free to play for at least another year or so. Servers aren't dead, but it is very difficult to find heroic groups while leveling.

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Save your money.

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Nope, though there are circulating rumors that the entire game might go free to play (probably with micro-transactions on the side of course).

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I am still playing, Only you can answer if there is enough end game content for you, it depends on how fast you consume it. Right now there are 3 operations and about 8 HM Flashpoints (dungeons). My question is, are you interested on the story? if yes then sure go ahead and pick it up even if you don't become a long term player you should get your moneys worth. The game might eventually go F2P but I don't see it happening this year so no sense in waiting for that. if you are still in the fence you can wait for the free trial they are going to start on July where you can play up to level 15 for free. this also means 1.3 will be deployed by then (it includes the LFG tool)

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I love Bioware, Star Wars and mmo's, but once I hit 50 on my main character and 30 on my alternate I was just done with the game, its one linear experience and while its fun, its a one time thing.
End game was very lacking in any case, but the whole story 1-50 made that up for me.
Its worth a try, I think they have free weekends now?

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No, I lost intrest 20 day's in it was way to repetitive.

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I've never reached an endgame in an MMO, I find the concept of repetitive MMO endgame's a little silly. I'm in it for the journey, and this game has a long one...a very long one, eight of them in fact!

I never finished my main character, I now go to my first alt and continue to slowly progress through that now and then. For as much 'content' there is, it is mighty repetitive as is the nature of MMO's. You'll soon learn most missions involve you slowly making your way through facility corridors leading to a control room with a boss encounter, or a surprise ambush encounter! But alas I still enjoy it, for some reason I always wanted it to succeed despite it not really pushing any boundaries of the genre.

I did do a server transfer, much busier now. I would wait till it is free to play, which it certainly will be, just a matter of when. Besides when it is F2P 1.3 and perhaps beyond will be out. There is some sort of trial though, it used to be weekends but I thought I saw somewhere there was a 7 day trial soon...

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the game sort of stagnated after the legacy patch. I still do a few raids with giantbomb duders (what's left of them ) but even we got tired of farming the crap out of Denova after a month or so and we're starting to lose interest.

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I made it 2 months and then realized I hadn't seen another actual player running around for weeks and canceled. They needed to consolidate servers way sooner. I would play with a couple guys from work when possible, but we have all given up because it doesn't feel like an mmo.

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I'm still playing 'til my sub renewal hits, than I'm wait for an big update like Legacy, Allies looks fine but I want more Warzones.

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I have several friends who picked it up at launch and cancelled their subscription a month later. If you're a fan of MMOs you might as well give it a try, because it's definitely just another one of those...

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Hey bud, don't get this. Join in on this instead:

Perfectly legal and they've got a super populated server (over a thousand players) and most of the code is complete except for space, but TOR doesn't have space anyway. Not to mention great community and free if you already own the disks. If not, the only legal way to get the disks is to buy them.

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I stopped playing late January. In the words of Grixxel; 'Save your money'

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I have a sub, but have not played in a month

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I'm currently playing until feel like diving into WoW again. It's a good game I just don't have a lot of connections to the community.

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on and off

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Still playing the game mostly playing warzones and some flashpoint

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It's going f2p for the first 15 levels. Try it out, see if you want to play more.

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I didn't play for a second month, but the game was worth the up front, retail price. My Republic Trooper had something like 200 hours on him when I finished leveling. The game costs $30 right now on Amazon, so that's like 15 cents per hour of gameplay. If WoW-style, MMO combat doesn't put you off, I'd say pick it up.

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It has two problems that eventually turned me off of the experience:

  • Too much filler/grindy content while leveling
  • Same ol' MMO stuffs everywhere

Is it a good game? Meh, sure. It does what it sets out to do exceptionally well.

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I loved it but found it near impossible to find anyone to group up for dungeons. When I had 2 50s and a few 30s all I wanted to do was dungeons, the dungeon finder they are adding should help but really if I could not find anyone before would that really help all that much? They need cross server search if anything. Also I found the 2nd and 3rd act stories to be kinda basic and shitty for all the classes I played (KILL A FEW DUDES OMG WHAT AMAZING WRITING!), with the exception of the Sith Warrior one. It felt like they put all the effort into act 1 and coasted for the rest. Worth it as far as I'm concerned but they gotta fix a lot of shit if they want to stop the F2P train.

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Played it for about 1 1/2 months. Enjoyed it alright for the first month, but by the second I really was feeling like the whole experience was dragging. Too many, "Go get me 8 of X" and "Go kill 10 of Y" quests to keep me interested. If they could have distilled the game into just main storyline missions, it probably would have been pretty great, but then again, I probably would have finished it in that first month.

Bioware made an MMO through and through, and that includes all the boredom and tedium that comes with such an experience. Unless you've got a lot of free time on your hands and a bunch of people to enjoy playing with, your time would be better spent elsewhere.

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I think that they announced that it will go free 2 play.

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@SmilingPig said:

I think that they announced that it will go free 2 play.

Only up to level 15. Though I have little doubt that it will eventually go that way entirely.

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