Are these leveling guides any good ?

#1 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

hey guys Im looking at getting a guide to help me out and iv looked at but there are a few guides that are mentioned. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of them ?


#2 Posted by White_Silhouette (488 posts) -

I would guess that after 1.2 they wouldn't be very useful. Maybe only on the side oh how to level easy and get to level 50 as fast as possible. But the build systems will be wrong. Since they moved some abilities in to different trees and removed some from others on different characters. Unless it's a digital version they can update I wouldn't get one.

#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

No offense, but SWTOR is a really easy game and it kinda tells you where to go and what to do from 1 to 50.
Not worth it, just play.

#4 Posted by ajamafalous (12447 posts) -

As @TaliciaDragonsong: said, no reason to get a guide. Game's super linear. Only issue you'll have is if you outlevel a planet (which you'll probably do if you do every quest there), in which case just do your class quests there until your class quests tell you to go to another planet, then go there. IIRC all the quests tell you the recommended level anyway. Just do quests around your level.

#5 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

Ah I see and yeah i think most of the guides get updated, but alright Il just keep doing the quests, most of the time in mmos I get sick of doing quests or in what order Im suppose to do them in. But yeah thanks for the replies Ima hold off on it for now.

#6 Posted by processrex (17 posts) -

Those levelling guides are honestly a waste of time, and that's never been more true in SWTOR, you surely won't get bored of the quests. The storyline is what separates the game from the rest of the MMO market, weather it's what makes the game better is a different question.

#7 Posted by stinky (1563 posts) -

if you get sick of doing quests i might suggest you try something other than an MMO.

#8 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

^ cant wait for diablo 3 that should be pretty fun

#9 Posted by Hennet_sim (350 posts) -

Who would every buy a leveling guide?

#10 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

ppl that dont wana get owned in pvp :)

#11 Posted by Sweep (9701 posts) -

Giant Bomb actually has a guides feature. Well... it's not really a feature. More a relic.

#12 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

Great ! gonna have to look them up. Thanks for all the replies guys.

#13 Posted by Radar (914 posts) -

Don't bother with a leveling guide. The game states very clearly where you should be going next (with quest lines and level indicators for planets).

#14 Posted by huntssman (9 posts) -

Thanks bud, yeah I just gotta give this game some more time and Il understand it better. I never was a big fan of MMO's but I thought I would give this game a try and its pretty decent so far.

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