favorite class and why?

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just wondering what everyones favorite class is so far, im rolling a smuggler going with gunslinger

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Way too soon to tell. It's not just about class mechanics anymore, the class storyline is way important too. Unlikely anybody has done more than 2 classes yet and those people are insane. I've been playing a lot of SW:TOR and just hit 50 on my Inquisitor and I still got to finish up Act 3 of the class story. Love the class and the story. Definitely gonna stick with my Sorc endgame-wise. Looking forward to doing some hard mode flashpoints and such.

Started a bounty hunter which I intend to turn into a tanking Powertech. The story starts off with murder and mayham. It can only be good. Also heard the agent story's insane. Looking forward to doing some sniping one of these days. In the end, I guess I'll have to play every basic class at some point. Because I dig it. Will just have to see when I can squeeze it all in. RPG-time is limited in 2012 with Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Risen 2, Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning and god only knows what else the industry has in store for us.

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I like Trooper because I feel like an elite by nature of training and effort. Jedi are magical fucking sword wizards and Smugglers are magical fucking luck wizards.

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Currently on Voss with my Bounty Hunter. It's been pretty great so far for sure. It's a shame the endgame BH armor looks like complete garbage though.

Started playing a Trooper and Agent as well, both of which I'm enjoying quite a bit.

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So far my fav is the agent and the sith inquisitor.

Plan on trying to be a jedi and go as dark side as possible to see what happens.

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Doing a trooper commando as my main. I like being able to survive a hit, do aoe, and also do some nice single target dps. However, I really like the survivablity of the jedi consular sage. I feel like a real bad ass playing that toon. The couple of encounters I've survived on my own... its just great. I'm looking forward to a jedi knight guardian but really not sure about smuggler.

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I like the story of the Jedi Consular but I feel as if I went down the wrong path by being a shadow. Still love the double bladed lightsaber but it never feels like I'm very powerful. Oh well.

I've also played through the opening planet for the Bounty Hunter and I must say that class is a blast to play though I'm not really feeling the story up to this point.

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Imperial Agent is amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

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