Grace period has been given.

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If I go to my account, the "product registration" part is greyed out yet I can play fine. Anyone else see that?

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Nice. Now I can tolerate switching back to Super Saver Shipping. :)

@mosdl: The article says the code for digital editions will be e-mailed after the 16th, so starting on the weekend it will probably work. Otherwise, my guess is it would be greyed out to prevent street-date breakers (who do not have a preorder code) from getting in the game early.

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Saw this a few hours ago, awesome news, since I'm ordering my copy of the game through Amazon.

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Yeah this 2 day grace period seems pretty cool. I was worried about getting my copy in a reasonable time since the release date is so close to Christmas, and shipping companies are probably overwhelmed as it is.

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