Graphics issue.

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first,let me say that am i a total idiot when it comes to computer gaming.i have zero idea as to what in the fuck im doing. now that ive said that,ive been trying to play it since it went free to play and it seems im having some issues. the game seems to play fine,even on the higher settings. yet for some reason there are either black bars or colored bars constantly blocking the screen. somtimes if i move the camera around they go away but usually come back.ive tried messing with the graphic settings,even putting them as low as they will go and aside from it looking uglier,the problem remains.

other than that ive enjoyed what ive played so far but this is an issue that is seriously making it allmost impossible to play. any help would be great.thanks guys!

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If this isn't happening in other games (which would be an indicator of corrupt graphics drivers or a bad video card)

It could be a corrupt install of TOR and/or something wonky with your current video criver.

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@Eujin: i wouldnt know if this happens with other games as im playing it on my girlfriends laptop. aside from her playing the sims 3 and somtimes LOTR online its mostly used for school work. again im clueless as to how pc and laptops and such work but theres never been an issue with it until now.

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are the bars your seeing randomly stretching green bars?

#5 Posted by DoctorDanger99 (687 posts) -

@connerthekewlkid: yeah from top to bottom. somtimes they are green,somtimes black or yellow and such.

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@DoctorDanger99: i remember having greens stretch marks on the game but i dont know about it you could always verify game integrity at the launcher

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