Hey, Are You Still Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic?

#551 Posted by SuperBobaFett (111 posts) -

Still playing, still enjoying. 6 month subscription.

#552 Posted by makari (652 posts) -

I've leveled two characters to 50. My grip on the game lies solely with the group of people I play the game with, and because my MMO circle-of-friends are MMO-hoppers by nature, eventually there'll be nobody left and I will stop playing.

Most of the problem with the end-game of SWTOR doesn't really lie in that there is not much to do (in comparison to say, WoW) but a lot of that stuff feels like it falls into the 'mistakes of a first-time mmo developer' category. Many things seem like they lack foresight and proper tuning, and while the nuggets of good endgame design are there, the flaws are much more glaring and obvious, and the internet community at large are extremely vocal about glaring flaws. Ilum has been a shambles, gearing for pvp and pve are far too random and far too lenient respectively, and raid encounter design is generally ok but the tuning makes them far less of a progression raiding environment than a dungeon you do with more of your friends and suffers from some nasty tuning for light armoured classes in Nightmare Mode.

I've almost exhausted the endgame I'm interested in a month or so in, and from the standpoint of a progression raider who knows he is merely above average when it comes to WoW progression raiding this feels very weird. As someone used to putting in many attempts to finish a raid on normal and heroic over the ~6mo of a WoW patch cycle it feels weird to go into Hard Modes in SWTOR and clean-sweep every boss in less than a handful of attempts.

But this is the fall of every new MMO out there: expectations. Players in the MMO community at large expect a certain standard that just won't be apparent in many new MMOs at launch, and the growing pains of a new MMO developer trying to figure out and fix what is wrong with their mostly-fine (in terms of MMOs at launch) product leads to a lot more removal and nerf than anything positive or new early on and the MMO community reacts far more passionately to removal and nerf than it does new additions, even if they are passionate for all the wrong reasons (like crying about things that really need a nerf getting a nerf for example).

Compound all that with questionable patching schedules and business practices and you feel like things need to shape up a lot if the game wants to retain the bulk of its players. That said, the bulk of its players are possibly not even at endgame so perhaps Bioware think they have some more time. This is misguided of course and can only hurt them in the long run.

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There is no reason to play SWTOR:

1. If you like traditional MMOs, WoW type games then your best choice is still World of Warcraft.

2. If you used to like these games but grew tired of them, whether it be the grind or what not, then SWTOR offers nothing new

3. If you dont like MMOs at all, then SWTOR wont change your mind.

The only people who seem to play SWTOR are Bioware fanatics, people who hate the "big dog" aka WoW, these guys jump from game to game like Conan, Warhammer, Aion, Rift, people who have a raging, veiny, purple boner to see WoW "die" and last but not least the super hardcore Star Wars fans.

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nope not playing anymore. lost interest in playing my trooper at level 43 at the start of chapter 3. Trooper story in chapter 1 was great, chapter 2 was pretty much the plot line from Mass Effect 2, and Chapter 3 looked to be turning into Mass Effect 2.5.

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I do not play MMO's, don't really care for Star Wars over-much, and do understand what Jeff is getting at with that bull shit-sucker punch e-mail. By it's very existence it misses the mark of what it is wanting to do. Rarely does anything on the internet give a royal fuck about you beyond perhaps some real ppl. Money has meaning though, as does in some tied-in way success or failure.

The positive,.. I am glad of hearing of this Kessler run server and such on GB and I am glad it is doing well. Just the kind of thing this site should be doing and if I could ever get started in this MMO (I have a mild interest just to do one) I would investigate.

#556 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

I think I had my fair share of SWTOR in the beta, didn't even buy the full game.

#557 Posted by Jay75 (23 posts) -

playing' it ! loving' it !

#558 Posted by ttocs (864 posts) -

Yup, I'm still playing it and loving it. There's a reason it's making a lot of publications best games ever and most certainly of 2011.

#559 Posted by Goronmon (18 posts) -

Lasted a couple weeks. It just feels to familiar to WoW for me to really get into it. Hearing people talking about their "epic" mounts that they grinded "reputation" for just really killed my desire to want to keep playing.

Not that the game was bad. It's definitely a solid MMO and a good Star Wars game overall.

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@ttocs said:

Yup, I'm still playing it and loving it. There's a reason it's making a lot of publications best games ever and most certainly of 2011.

a lot of publications? best game ever? you are clearly not thinking straight.

#561 Posted by mrlogical (33 posts) -

I am still playing (level 21, maybe 25-30 hours played).

I don't get the same whiff of desperation off of this email. A little cheesy, maybe, but basically it's just saying hey, remember this is still out there for you, and you can see more of the story that you might be interested in.

#562 Posted by Egge (532 posts) -

I fail to see anything desperate about that e-mail; it's precisely the kind of tongue-in-cheek attempt to lure players back that you would expect from a story-oriented online game which has character-related ways to contexualize such boilerplate "come back, we miss you" messages. Would it have been any different if the mail referenced loot and end game rewards rather than NPC reactions?

#563 Posted by AleksO (110 posts) -

Nope. Canceled my subscription and going back to Eve Online.

#564 Posted by Osaladin (2667 posts) -

I gave it a shot, but WoW is just better, sorry.

#565 Posted by Carousel (421 posts) -

I don't get the hate people are throwing at Jeff.

This shit IS pathetic.

Other MMO's will send an e-mail months after you cancel the sub saying "Hey, we know you quit, but look at this cool stuff we've added"

This was sent one month after he unsubbed and it's saying "PLLEEASSSEE COME BACK! YOUR SPACE WAIFU MISSES YOU! WE'VE GOT DIALOGUE OPTIONS REMEMBER?!"

#566 Posted by CaptainCody (1547 posts) -

@CL60 said:

@CaptainCody said:

@mazik765 said:

Yay for alarmist articles? I've received plenty of emails just like this for just about every MMO I've ever signed up for.

I had WoW offer me 7 free days to continue my account, even though it's been quite a while since I quit. I consider that a pretty respectable attempt to sway me. Unfortunately, I have never been begged by an NPC to go on more adventures with them.

You guys are seriously grasping at straws at this point. Every MMO sends out these kinds of emails. WoW has free days attached because it's old. New MMOs never even have trials until a few months out, obviously their emails wont have free time.. But oh no, TORs email is different.. it talks about a companion, that shits just UNACCEPTABLE and the most pathetic attempt at anything ever seen!

Next time WoW sends me an email saying. "AZEROTH NEEDS YOU!!! HURRY UP AND GET IN!!!" I'll be sure to make a topic explaining how it's the most pathetic attempt at trying to keep players of all time.

Or perhaps I should've made a topic when Aion did it? Or when Age of Conan did it? Or when Lord of the Rings did it? Or when every other MMO did it? ffs, it's a standard in the MMO genre and is quite literally no big deal at all, but of course, when TOR does it, you all lose your shit and say " don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic-looking attempt at player retention."

I was never making fun of the practice. I just find it funny that this was the way they went about it. Like, this is easily one of the best ways I have seen it done because it's pretty damn amusing. I think you may officially be crazy with the way you're jumping to conclusions.

#567 Posted by Winterwolf79 (53 posts) -

I haven't played WoW in years and still get these comebackplz emails every time they release a new patch. It's pretty standard, and I wouldn't read too much into it.

Yes, I am still playing, but I started late and my free month isn't up yet. I'm really digging the story so far (BH), and that's enough to keep me going for now.

#568 Posted by sickVisionz (1299 posts) -

You know... it could just be an automated system that spits something out after x days of inactivity rather than a sign that they are flopping and people are leaving in droves.

#569 Posted by p00rdevil (163 posts) -

Never played SWTOR. I would check this game out if it were free to play. It would be worth a download and maybe drop a few bucks in the cash shop if I liked it. But I am not interested enough to put down the price of the box plus $15 a month to play it. I don't love the IP enough and the game doesn't seem to be all that exceptional, which a game has to be before I will drop $60 to play it.

#570 Edited by Kidavenger (4018 posts) -

@sickVisionz said:

You know... it could just be an automated system that spits something out after x days of inactivity rather than a sign that they are flopping and people are leaving in droves.

It probably is, but their x days is wrong, nobody is going to think of going back to a game a week or two after quitting; these things should be going out after 3 months at the soonest and probably shouldn't go out at all unless something has substantially changed with the game.

#571 Posted by Reluctant_Hero (47 posts) -

Nope, I cancelled my account as well. I played for two and a half solid weeks in Decemeber and felt satisfied. Fun game, but MMOs never hold my attention for more than a few weeks at a time.

#572 Edited by Bane122 (956 posts) -

Eh, I don't really see the big deal. I've received emails like this from City of Heroes and WoW too. This is the same thing only they are trying to be a little clever about it.

That said, I am still playing it with my time divided between it and STO.

#573 Posted by mazik765 (2350 posts) -

@Homelessbird said:

@mazik765: Usually MMOs wait til they have some sort of new feature going before they beg you to come back. Also, personally, I've never gotten an email implying that an NPC misses me.

Also, alarmist? Really, that seems a bit much.

The companion NPC's are one of the key features that differentiates this game in any way from other MMOs. So why is it weird that they emphasized this in their email? I get tons of emails reading 'Azeroth needs you!'. How is that any less weird? If Jeff wrote an article every time an MMO sent out a weird 'please return' email, we would have nothing else on this site.

And yes, it is alarmist that he jumps to the conclusion that SWTOR must be failing on the sole evidence that he received a 'come back' email. I will repeat again, this is absurdly common practice among MMO's. As much as I love Jeff's work, I can't fathom the reason why he would write this dumb article, describing a commonplace practice as 'gross' and 'desperate-looking' but only when it comes from an MMO he seems to have a personal vendetta against.

I honestly don't even care if this game succeeds or not. Yeah it's a lot like WoW and I can totally see why people wouldn't like it. But criticizing it based on a practice that every other developer for these types of games participate in...that's really dumb.

#574 Posted by MeatSim (11060 posts) -

Waiting for this game to go free-to-play continues to seem like a good decision.

#575 Posted by Aarny91 (3943 posts) -

Even just watching videos of this game is enough for me. It really doesn't look that good, and this email doesn't help.

#576 Posted by Neoblade (9 posts) -

I am still playing and having a lot of fun. Not at 100 hours yet but I can see it in my future for a bit. Only time will tell.

#577 Posted by NellyK (80 posts) -

Thankfully, there's another Bioware sci-fi RPG right around the corner that won't email you begging to play it some more.

#578 Posted by RedRavN (418 posts) -

If I want to waste time playing an MMORPG I would rather play a free one. Honestly, I would rather play LOTRO, vindictus, Dragons nest, EVE, runes of magic etc. The only egde that TOR really has for me is the storylines and dialog, but I am not a big enough starwars fan to want to drop $60 plus the subscription to grind my way through the content.

I am just tired of the wow style hot key combat and would prefer if the actual gameplay was challenging and fun. Thats why I am looking forward to games like Terra online, blade and soul, and the US version of continent of the ninth. I like the idea of MMOs, but I am just sick of having the dull minute to minute gameplay.

#579 Posted by Zips (45 posts) -

@Kidavenger said:

@ttocs said:

Yup, I'm still playing it and loving it. There's a reason it's making a lot of publications best games ever and most certainly of 2011.

a lot of publications? best game ever? you are clearly not thinking straight.

Seriously. I think a "lot of publications" haven't even considered SWTOR as part of ANY award, let alone for 2011 GOTY since it came out so late in the year. Most are holding it off until the 2012 awards roll around.

#580 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Yes im still enjoying Battlefield 3 

#581 Posted by stillalive (20 posts) -

@MSUSteve said:

I'm still playing and enjoying TOR. I'm not sure what's so "gross" about the email you received. It's not any worse than the pleas to subscribe at the top of the Giant Bomb website that I see when I'm not logged into my paid account.


#582 Posted by myslead (952 posts) -

still playing from time to time,

but definitely burned out after my third 50.

#583 Posted by Rawrnosaurous (812 posts) -

Yes, I still play I have a level 46 sith warrior that I've been playing since it launched and I love the game. Then again it looks like i'm in the minority in that I love star wars and never touched WoW. I'm in a very friendly guild and we chat, laugh, have fun, and play the game together. I wasn't looking for this game to be something that blew me away especially because it was an mmo, I wanted more Kotor and that is what I've gotten. Sure you can say that maybe the kotor content is spread out but I love everything about the game.

#584 Posted by Taefarinas (100 posts) -

yes, but only on the weekend when my husband and brother-in-law can play with me.

#585 Posted by Boiglenoight (602 posts) -

Yeap, still playing. Sounds like you played a lot really fast compared to me though. I get maybe 5-6 hours in a week while also playing Skyrim and Uncharted 3. Grateful for the companion feature, helps soloing a lot.

As to the email, it sounds kind of lame but no more than any of game marketing spam I receive, I guess.

#586 Edited by MrBubbles (1028 posts) -

I am still playing SWTOR and am still loving it and I will probably keep playing it for a long time in fact if they offered a life time subscription I would totally buy it if I had the money. There is something about that game that is so fun to me, I don't know what it is maybe its the awesome stories or the quicker leveling compared to other MMOs but something about it is still super addictive to me even after 4 characters.0 I still haven't seen what the bounty hunter, trooper, smuggler, and imperial agent classes offer but I'm sure each of those class stories will be vastly different and super entertaining like the jedi and sith stuff have been. I am looking forward to whatever updates bioware will put out. I love SWTOR and have since I played the beta.

#587 Posted by Boiglenoight (602 posts) -

Also, hard to say whether I'll be playing for a year or more. Depends entirely on how well Bioware supports the game post release, with patches that not only fix bugs but add new features and content. I can tell you this, if I have to buy expansion packs for major updates while continuously paying $15 a month, I'll probably ditch SWTOR out of spite.

#588 Posted by deSadist (23 posts) -

Still playing. Having a blast. Pro-tip: Ignore the forums and the internet in general. As with most things. It's full of shit (including this post).

#589 Posted by PositivelyGreg (81 posts) -

I've seen similar emails from Conan, Warhammer, LotRO using character names, guild names, etc. as the hook to remind you about the game and try to lure you back. It's common enough marketing practice, and... well, those were just as effective as this is, which is to say not very.

Nonetheless, I'm not about to defend anything that EA Marketing does, because they're pretty close to The Absolute Worst Thing About The Gaming Industry.

To answer the real question - yes, I'm playing ToR. And I'm close to getting my third character to 50, and managed to find a tight group of good friends from years-ago-in-wow to play with (that's what prompted the third character... had to start on a new server). I think there's a huge amount of great writing in this game, much of it very well voice-acted, and I'm enjoying the process of going through it.

Perhaps I'm more tolerant of MMO conventions than many, but I feel like what I'm getting for my time and money is a really quality version of exactly what I thought I was signing up for. So I'm happy.

#590 Edited by Protonguy (309 posts) -

Cancelled my subscription a few days ago (1 day before the 2nd month was to kick in). I like parts of the game but overall the combat doesn't feel fresh, the recorded voice dialogue for everyone whilst great in the beginning urked me later on (i'd walk into a new area i wanted to race through and then i realised i'd have to listen to the mostly-boring problems people would blather about for 15 minutes), space combat whilst looking nice is a short lived interesting change, pvp is currently blah. The 'universe' just feels kind of dead to me even with all the people playing.

After cancelling I immediately went back to Skyrim. The world is full of AI and it still feels more alive than SWTOR

#591 Posted by fleshribbon (91 posts) -

Still playing and loving it. The game itself keeps me interested and the plans for new content just excite me further.

I'm still playing and I played through the beta and early access. I didn't consider myself an "MMO" gamer before this and I tried WoW for a week about year and a half ago and it just didn't catch me even remotely the way SWTOR did after only a day. I really enjoy SWTOR and was invited to a guild on my server that includes a decent amount of people who are at or nearing level 50. I look forward to doing raids and hardmode flashpoints and working as a team with a group of people. It also helps that the guild is good about scheduling raids a couple of times a week and have a website set up. Even beyond the end-game stuff there are other Republic class stories I want to experience as well as the contrast of the Empire's class stories that I am really looking forward to. I'm even interested in experiencing the different crew skills beyond what I have for my current class. The fact that Bioware has been solidly supporting the game with updates and plans for upcoming content is an added bonus.

Hearing anecdotes about how the game is losing players in droves just seems wrong. So, recently when logging in I have been taking a look at the server list and in the evenings I see all but a small handful of servers reporting Normal, Heavy, or full load. Sure, I haven't but a few times since launch week had to sit in a server queue but the servers have been far from empty. At times when I find there are not many people on my current planet I'll go to the fleet or a lower level planet and see droves of people. This just tells me either most people are beyond me in level or below me due to starting a new character or just starting out.

#592 Posted by synthesis_landale (147 posts) -

Both I and my husband are still playing it, and enjoying it regardless of everyone saying it's terrible. My husband hated WoW and actually enjoys TOR.

#593 Posted by dore (3 posts) -

Haven't had the extra funds to play the game yet, and I only beta test SWG. I've never had the time to burn through MMO's quickly so I figure it should take me a while to play through all the classes. That said I did play KOTOR, and I'm playing KOTOR II currently. I woudl love a chance to play through the MMO to have a co-op game with role playing friends. Some people have mentioned that they should only send these types of messages out when new content is available, and The Rise of the Rakghouls seems to fit that bill.

#594 Posted by STORMP00PER (90 posts) -

I just cancelled today - petered out somewhere in the 30's on Alderaan, the further i got the less players there seemed to be and the less interested in doing the same missions over and over again i got, would have liked to have checked out one of the other stories though but hey ho!

#595 Posted by LandHawk (141 posts) -

That's still not as pathetic as WoW's desperately weeping orc peon.

Remember when every game used to do this when you tried to -exit- it? "Don't go; the drones need you. They look up to you." "I wouldn't leave if I were you, DOS is much worse."

At least MMOs want our money; old games just wanted us to starve to death playing them.

#596 Posted by Maddman60620 (192 posts) -

I'm still playing sorta, I like the story but get tired of the fetch side stuff, its a cool playing solo

#597 Posted by aku (63 posts) -

i dont see anything wrong with that email. its the same email every company sends to get you to play their game. its a marketing email. i dont see it as being more "gross" than the other ones. i received one from wow, final fantasy, and matrix back then when i quit.

#598 Posted by AgentMOO (196 posts) -

Is that Boba Fett's Vette?

#599 Posted by Spiffo (15 posts) -

Didn't they remove the Unsubscribe button for a bit before billing day so that people physically couldn't cancel their accounts?

#600 Posted by subyman (723 posts) -

Supposedly there are 1.7 subs, so I think there are plenty of people still playing. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/entertainmentnewsbuzz/2012/02/star-wars-the-old-republic-snags-17-million-subscribers.html

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