Main Assets 27 (Patching Errors)

#1 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

Anyone having trouble downloading the patch? Tries to patch Main Assets 27, and gets an error with the Repair suggestion, which then wants to patch Main Assets 1 at 11.59GB.

Trying to read on the forums about repair/error loops and this patch in particular, to no avail.

Here's a few relevant file logs (not the whole thing) if anyone else sees something familiar in it.

20120107005104 INFO Download Complete: Complete:
20120107005104 INFO ManifestState=Patch: assets_swtor_main, current=0/upcoming=-1/required=26
20120107005104 INFO Download Seed: Seeding:
20120107005115 ERROR Corrupt Source detected in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\Assets/swtor_main_area_hoth_1.tor (
20120107005115 ERROR File info: Missing: C:/Program Files (x86)/Electronic Arts/BioWare/Star Wars - The Old Republic/Assets/swtor_main_area_hoth_1.tor
20120107005115 INFO General Patch manifest state error in retailclient_swtor
20120107005115 INFO General Patch manifest state error in retailclient_swtor
20120107005115 ERROR ManifestComplete:retailclient_swtor/
20120107005115 ERROR Fetch Manifest Failure: General Failure
20120107005115 INFO Patching end
20120107005353 INFO Scanning and repairing... this could take 20 minutes or more.
#2 Posted by RobTurboGA (3 posts) -

Yes, I'm having the same problem. Left it go overnight, came back today and tried it again. I'm stuck in the loop. Just starting looking for answers and found this.

#3 Posted by RobTurboGA (3 posts) -

I'm currently in the middle of trying this:

Hopefully the big download won't crap out on my, because so far it's doing the same thing as it was before.

#4 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

I used to get the main asset files and everything to work, but now I have no voice acting. At all. The weirdest part about that is the characters' mouths don't even move; subtitles still work, and it's not like sound files are just missing...the game doesn't even recognize they should be talking.

Glad I canceled my sub today.

#5 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

Nope. Everthing works great for me and I'm stuck in Kuwait for the next 6 months.

#6 Posted by JoMate (238 posts) -

Seeing how you are trying to download huge files, you might as well give the whole game a fresh install and see if that fixes it.

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