Ok so I want in on this. Advice please.

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Just picked it up. I know I shouldn't have. Please help me out.

  • I am in Switzerland. Can speak German and English and want to play with you guys. Which server?
  • I want to play the most sought after class.

I played a lot of high level raiding on WoW vanilla and BC, maining a healer. But I intend to play TOR casually since I am a reposible adult in my 30ies now.

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The server would the US based "Mind Trick". And what exactly do you mean with most sought after class?
Story wise the imperial agent is probably the best, but if you mean the class that is most requested that is probably either a tank or a healer altough dps is pretty wanted too so as you can see that is hard to tell especially since it continuesly changes.
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Server: Mind Trick

Republic Guild: http://www.giantbomb.com/star-wars-the-old-republic/61-24205/good-luck-have-bothans-giantbomb-na-pve-guild-republic/35-526855/#310

Imperial Guild: http://www.giantbomb.com/star-wars-the-old-republic/61-24205/kessler-run-a-giantbomb-euus-swtor-guild/35-526668/#336

If you plan on playing casually, then it doesn't really matter what class/role you choose. With the help of companions, any build is viable for solo play, and there seems to be a decent level of diversity when looking for pugs. If you want to be the best, currently Vanguard/Powertech tanks have an edge and Sage/Sorcerer healers have the most tools. DPS is just DPS. Every class is within about 5% of the other classes.

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@StarvingGamer: Yeah most classes are balanced and their doesn't seem to be much demand for any in particular since they can all do just about anything.

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Ok. I am in Kessler Run. And I love the game so far. I did nearly 19 levels in 2 days. So there is that. I love the Powertech BH and will go all out PvE-Tank with him. Hope to hit 50 soon and start raiding.

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