Patch Bandwidth Usage?

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Hey folks,

I'm living in a remote area and have ~very~ limited bandwidth, I was wondering if anyone knew how many GB it will cost me to patch the game. I have the CD's with me so I'll have the core game installed off the disk which I assume will eat up nothing, but its been up for a while so I figured there will be quite a bit of memory taken up by patches now too. If anyone has the stats on this I'd be very grateful.



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#2 Posted by CL60 (17118 posts) -

Probably quite a bit. Not sure how much, but I figure it's a lot.

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#3 Posted by LiquidPrince (16788 posts) -

Unless I'm mis-remembering, the first time I installed it like 2 months ago, there was a multi-gigabyte patched that needed to be downloaded and installed.

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I haven't patched in a week and my install folder says 20.3 GB. It's safe to assume that you'd update at least over 16 GB, so 4+ GB.

Updates are weekly, and often are hardly over 50 MB. But when they update the game with new Flashpoints or Warzones, you are definitely going to see over 250 MB. Your first update is going to be massive, I'm sorry to say. From the original install, they've added a ton of content.

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Darn, if its just a couple gigs I can probably spare it. I'm sharing a 70gb cap with four other people so its a bit of a pain... but I'm gone for a couple weeks coming up so maybe I can sneak it in for when I'm gone.

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Do you have an Android phone? Get Foxfi and share your cellular internet access to your computer for free. The download might take uber long but there should be no capacity limitation. Although, your cell provider might notice the high usage. If they do, they'll be slow to notice most likely. When I had AT&T and an iPhone, I used the phone for a year without a data plan before they cared. I don't have AT&T anymore but my new provider doesn't care about the proxy bypass when WiFi tethering either. I have the feeling they don't have very good checks and balancing systems. It must be a manual audit instead of an automatic system.

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When I had capped Internet (which is dumb and shouldn't be a thing anymore) I was able to do all thevDL/UPL I wanted between 12am and 8am. You should see if that's a thing for you.

If not, install the game on a laptop and patch it at a Starbucks. Then copy the game folder back to your main computer.

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