Some gameplay of the space combat PVP is out now.

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It's looking pretty awesome. Something like this should have been in the game at launch, it's what everybody wanted the original space combat to be.

#2 Posted by Nhoj_Sllew (182 posts) -

this stuff is out now and its actually really fun!

course I only played one match so far and went 5-0 but still pew pew pew

#3 Edited by SamStrife (1286 posts) -


Yeah all the preview stuff has said really positive things. Look forward to trying it later.

#4 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4076 posts) -

Oh man those laser firing sounds.

Looks really cool.

#5 Posted by SlashDance (1845 posts) -

Looks neat. Is it PvP only?

#6 Posted by dancinginfernal (484 posts) -

@slashdance: I believe so, right now only subscribers have access.

#7 Edited by MachoFantastico (4921 posts) -

Looks interesting, might be worth me checking out again.

Reminds me of Jump to Lightspeed for obvious reasons.

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