Star Wars: The Old Republic System Requirements

#1 Posted by offsprnvid24 (44 posts) -

Does anyone know the system requirements for this game? 

#2 Posted by PerryVandell (2112 posts) -

I don't believe that info has been released to the general public yet. The game isn't coming out until June of next year, so I wouldn't expect to hear anything regarding system requirements until about 2-3 months before its release.

#3 Posted by Castro (951 posts) -
@Fullmetal216: Crap. I was all stoked to come into this thread and see what the system requirements were only to find that it was a query as to what the system requirements are. Surely there are people playing the beta right now that have posted their system specs somewhere? Maybe? I will research this further.
#4 Posted by PerryVandell (2112 posts) -
@Castro: With the game coming out in a little bit less than a year, I highly doubt that the game is beyond alpha at this point.
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Taken from the official website:

#6 Posted by m1k3 (1340 posts) -

we will probably see any requirements until around the beta.

#7 Posted by Castro (951 posts) -
@Fullmetal216: I don't know. They sent out beta invites about a month ago (I think it was a month ago?), so people are playing it. Also, with a game as large as an MMO, I would think that you might have to get a lot of stuff locked down pretty early because of all of the bug fixing that would be involved with such a large game. Of course, they wouldn't have the final system requirements at this point, but one might be able to get a ballpark figure if they were able to get some idea as to what kinds of systems the people in the beta have.
Of course, you are right. The game isn't coming out for a while so even if we do glean some information from people in the beta, that wouldn't really matter a year from now. The good news is that Bioware isn't stupid so they are likely tooling the game to run on as many systems as possible (like WoW, which looks cool stylistically, but also looks like it was made in 2004 or whatever).
In conclusion, I believe that I will likely be perfectly fine to run this game.
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@Castro: Ah, I didn't take into account that this game was an MMORPG so the beta cycle would be different than a traditional game. But, I would say that considering the game is an MMO, they are going to try to make the game accessible to a lot of people so that those with old PCs may still run the game decently (as long as you aren't running something like Windows 2000 with 256 mb of ram).
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They said that the system requirements are going to be minimal, so don't sweat about not having a super computer. Hell, i think you could probably run it with an old windows 95 bought year 1995.

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I was looking the system requirements a few days ago also because I wanted to make sure the computer I'm going to build will be able to run it, but wasn't able to find anything either. But like you guys said it probably won't take much since its a mmo where they want as many customers as possible. This computer can run WoW but with certain graphics functions turned down and I don't want to have to do that for The Old Republic. And yes one of my main reasons for building a new computer was to play this game haha.

#11 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2644 posts) -

I'm going to guess it wont require much power at all.

#12 Posted by withateethuh (726 posts) -
@Longestsprout said:
" They said that the system requirements are going to be minimal, so don't sweat about not having a super computer. Hell, i think you could probably run it with an old windows 95 bought year 1995. "
I highly, highly, highly doubt that.

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