Suggestion: Physical Copy

#1 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -
Hey guys.  Just putting this out there.  <3 the Giant Bomb Community.   
One of my friends is currently in beta and his SWTOR Beta Folder is currently over 36GB in size.  That means that throughout his time in beta, he has actually downloaded that much.   
Now, I'm not saying the final release will be this big, building software in debug usually makes things bigger as well, or maybe there's a bug currently in the patcher not deleting old unused data, etc... but just consider for a moment that the folder was even half this size on the final build?   
That still a ton of gigs you'd have to download.   
Another augment against buying a physical copy could be that you will have to download it anyway to play in the "early access" program.  Well, this is true, but also what if you ever just need to re-install or get a new computer?  At least a disc will get you a long where there and then you'd just have to patch a few gigs most likely.  
This isn't a Steam vs. Origin propaganda post or anything either... but if you're into that, then yeah.   
If you still have yet to pre-order, you might take into consideration what I've said above, instead of getting a digital only version.  Hope that helps someone out with their decision!  I personally bought mine from Amazon.  Cheers!  
#2 Posted by White_Silhouette (489 posts) -

Good to know. I know I'm picking up a physical copy. If EA was smart they'd have it so that your code would provide a downloadable copy once you've got your account activated.

I do think one reason for the "first come first serve" for the early access is to get more people to buy it through Origin. Since it would take it longer for someone to get the pre-order code from a physical copy vs a digital copy. (just conspiracy theory thinking)

#3 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -
@White_Silhouette:  I already got my early access code from Amazon and applied it to my SWTOR account!  Physical copy coming later in the mail :)  
#4 Posted by White_Silhouette (489 posts) -

@Luke: cool I didn't know the codes were going out so quickly for the purchases of the physical copies.

#5 Posted by Shady1992 (167 posts) -

I'm assuming we'll be able to download the game way before its out (like Cataclysm), just not access the Servers until your early entry/launch, making this a non-issue

#6 Posted by rmanthorp (4317 posts) -

@Shady1992 said:

I'm assuming we'll be able to download the game way before its out (like Cataclysm), just not access the Servers until your early entry/launch, making this a non-issue

I hope that is true, they are talking big games about betas in September so hopefully everyone will be downloading the full game :D

#7 Posted by ckeats (496 posts) -

For us Canadians with shitty bandwidth caps, I always vote for physical copies.

But it comes a point with MMO's when the patches/updates end up taking up as much space and time as the entire game anyways.

#8 Posted by Beaudacious (1067 posts) -

AoC was 30gb on initial install, after expansions probably like 45gb....

#9 Posted by RE_Player1 (7950 posts) -

If I do get it I'll get the physical copy. I can't handle 36GB.

#10 Posted by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

Seeing as how the only other option is Origin, I had planned to buy it anyway.

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