SWTOR - Quick Look?

#1 Posted by alConn (156 posts) -

Any chance of getting one of these considering the 5 hour long Galaxies marathon? Interesting in picking up an MMO (been off WoW for over 2 years) and would like to see some extended gameplay action before dropping $60.

#2 Posted by DeF (5216 posts) -

you know it's coming eventually ...

and you know they're up to their neck in the GOTY stuff and programming for next week (which might include said QL)

#3 Posted by selbie (2090 posts) -

It would be great to see some regular progress videos maybe in the new year. Ryan seems to be the only one interested in this game.

#4 Posted by Brodehouse (10514 posts) -

Ryan is the only one who even seems like he has an open mind about it. Listening to Jeff is just really disappointing. He complains that there are instanced, then he complains that it isn't.

#5 Posted by tekmojo (2362 posts) -

Leave it to the interns, whoever they be. Also, they talked heavily about it during the podcast. HEAVILY.

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