Transfers vs. server merger

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Elective character transfers for TOR began yesterday for some servers and more are being added each day, my question is: Why didn't they just merge the servers? Most people will transfer and that's great, but what happens to those that don't transfer? Hasn't Bioware just put themselves in a situation where they are forced to maintain a bunch of servers that may only have one or two active players on them now, and what about all of the inactive accounts that may comeback one day, how will these people find their old guilds that transferred away? and lastly, will Bioware allow people to start new characters on these dead servers? What if someone stuck on one of these servers gets one of their friends to play, why would Bioware let that new player experience a dead server if they could help it?

Everything I hear about this game is baffling, and it never ends.

Also, rumors flying around that Rich Vogel resigned from Bioware, he was the main guy behind the original design of SWG(which I liked a lot) and TOR. how does he not have a page here on Giantbomb?

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