Your characters story so far, Love it? Hate it?

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#1 Posted by Generic_Ninja (186 posts) -

When I thought about playing Star Wars I was in it for the story, after hearing Ryan Davis talk about the Imperial Agent story line of Behind the Scenes conspiracy and such I immediatly jumped right in and I'm absoloutly loving it, I'm now lvl 48 and each Act of the story has been fantastic which is funny because when Jeff mentioned on the Podcast that his Sith Warrior story had gotten dull I was wondering if anyone else haven't been enjoying their stories as other classes or the same class as well.

#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (9096 posts) -

@Generic_Ninja: I too played a Sith Warrior and I totally got what Jeff was saying. Chapter 1 was a blast, chapter 2 dragged a bit, but it swung back strong in chapter 3 and I was extremely satisfied with it by the end. Now I've rolled a Bounty Hunter and a Trooper and both have gotten off to a strong start. The Trooper especially has me super pumped and I'm only at level 9.

#3 Posted by Generic_Ninja (186 posts) -

@StarvingGamer: Glad to hear, I was kinda of down to hear that the story was getting dull for Jeff as that was probably the only thing keeping him interested hopefully he gets past Act 2 More importatly get past Hoth, Hoth is the biggest downer in the game by far but it gets made up because the next 3 planets: Belsavis,Voss (Loved voss) and Corellia (Less so then the other two) make up a strong finish for 41-50.

#4 Edited by StarvingGamer (9096 posts) -

@Generic_Ninja: On the other hand I played my SW Light-Side which spun my story out in some really interesting directions. I'd imagine that Jeff's experience is a lot more straightforward since we've all been exposed to Dark-Side Sith for decades and pretty much know what to expect in that regard. By a similar token I'd imagine playing a Light-Side Jedi Knight would be fairly predictable and boring.

EDIT: Also my friend who played IA first and loved it has found his SW and SI alts somewhat boring. This is probably in part to do with the fact that he's seen all the planets and their quests already, but it's consistent with the general sentiment that IA has one of the best, if not the best, class story-lines.

#5 Posted by Welding (161 posts) -

Smuggler storyline is amazing in it's campy ridiculousness.

It's a very specific tone, but if you're into that sort of stuff it'll definitely entertain.

Also the most humorous of the stories I've seen.

#6 Posted by Irvandus (3078 posts) -

In Chapter 1 of Bounty Hunter.

It's pretty awesome, I just love the Hunters personality if you play him light side.

#7 Posted by StarvingGamer (9096 posts) -

@Irvandus: Dark-Side BH puts little Mako in her place.

#8 Posted by GeneralZod37 (296 posts) -

Just finished Chapter 1 with my BH. Lovin the story so far. Chapter 2 had started kinda eh, but it just started.

#9 Posted by Encephalon (1404 posts) -

I'm a level 48 Imperial Agent, and it's been great so far. Really looking forward to the finale.

#10 Posted by UnrealDP (1256 posts) -

Jedi consular story is piss poor, at least so far. I'm really only in the beginning, but playing dark side makes your master a total pain in the ass and an all around annoyance, so the story forces you to find a cure for the person who's been nagging at you every step of your story progression. I'm playing a trooper now and loving it!

#11 Posted by MrMazz (1068 posts) -

I am a Sith Warrior Jug level 44 currently in the middle-ish of Act 3. so far I am digging it just beacue I dig the Sith and how FUCKING CRAZY THEY ARE. . Act 1 was freaking awesome and it was satisfiying on many levels.

Act 2 was little short for my liking. I dug the idea of assassinating the War trust of the Republic but its execution let me wanting more.

Act 3 has been DEEPLY satisfying im not done yet but having done somethings to certain characters already makes me hopeful for a strong finish.

This of course isn't even taking into account the story of your companions particularly mine and Vettes the others I kinda don't care abotu since I don't use them.

Hopefully in expansions they add at least another Act or something.

#12 Edited by wemibelec90 (2113 posts) -

Started with a Bounty Hunter and made it all the way up to 40 before I got tired of it (damn you Hoth).  The whole Great Hunt concept is interesting but mostly irritating with the whole "go to planet, find bounty, go to next planet" routine never getting too crazy.  Act 1 ended fairly well, with a neat encounter at the finale.  Extremely disappointed that Act 2 seems to be more going after bounties, but I guess that's what a bounty hunter does, right? 
Also rolled a Jedi Knight and haven't gotten off Coruscant yet.  It is going pretty much as I expected so far.  Heard people say it's most like KOTOR 3, which is intriguing.

#13 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

@wemibelec90 said:

Also rolled a Jedi Knight and haven't gotten off Coruscant yet. It is going pretty much as I expected so far. Heard people say it's most like KOTOR 3, which is intriguing.

I'm 35 on my Jedi Knight, and yeah. It seems like the story that would be used if this game were KOTOR 3. You're a big Jedi hero stopping the Sith from destroying the galaxy.

#14 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -

Loving my story as a Cipher Agent as well, only wish I could focus on that alone and not do the MMO "Collect 3 womp rat skulls"-crap.

#15 Posted by Anund (1015 posts) -

I really like my Bounty Hunter, but I am not too thrilled with the story. Seems sort of generic, just a matter of picking up one bounty after the other. Guess I should have guessed as much based on the class name, huh? ;) That said, it is keeping me entertained! :)

#16 Posted by ajamafalous (12454 posts) -

Jedi Knight is terrible,  Jedi Consular is even worse than Jedi Knight, Smuggler Act 1 is great but Act 2 goes in a direction that I didn't want my character to, Trooper is basically Mass Effect 2. 

I haven't played any Empire yet.

#17 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

It's not always super strong but the lines! The sheer madness of the situations and the way my character respond is just totally awesome.
And Skavak is one of the best rivals ever.

#18 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

Bounty Hunter Act 1 is great but Act 2 lacks focus. I've got a story mission I hope will give that focus but I'm tempted just to start playing a new class.

#19 Posted by project343 (2876 posts) -

My Operative is on Voss (mid-way through Chapter 3). It's honestly the "story" that I've ever seen come from Bioware--and I love 'em.

#20 Posted by SmasheControllers (2950 posts) -

Loving my Bounty Hunter's story so far and I'm no even that far in.

#21 Posted by Brodehouse (10537 posts) -

Started act three with my Trooper. I don't necessarily dig on the actual story beats of my story, but I think playing the side missions feels better as a Trooper as opposed to a Jedi or a scruffy looking nerf herder. You talk to so many Republic military personnel, it's better storyline wise for me to be asking for details on the op than for a Jedi.

#22 Posted by MeierTheRed (5020 posts) -

Im enjoying the Bounty Hunter story, it was great from 1-20 then had a bit of a lull i think, but it started picking up again. And after 40 shit got real interesting again. Im lvl 46 bordering on 47, so im nearing the end of the story too. But all in all pretty damn good.

And i would say thats a compliment coming from a guy who hates MMO's.

#23 Posted by zephrr86 (13 posts) -

I am currently level 13 Sith Assassin and the story has been surprisingly good. I had no doubts on Biowares end of producing quality story (Baldurs Gate, KOTOR, Mass Effect, Dragon Age), but in an MMO when you usually have so much repetitive garbage I didn't think a good story was in the cards. More importantly even side quests have more gerth in SWTOR. I remember not even knowing what I was doing in WOW. I just took the sidequests that offered the most xp on my current route and then I would spend 3 hours grinding. Level 13 took me 9 hours and I am looking forward to finishing off this story and then trying out some more. Good game!

#24 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

@ajamafalous said:

Jedi Knight is terrible, Jedi Consular is even worse than Jedi Knight, Smuggler Act 1 is great but Act 2 goes in a direction that I didn't want my character to, Trooper is basically Mass Effect 2. I haven't played any Empire yet.

I'm guessing you haven't played the JK for more than an hour. The story is great.

#25 Posted by FateOfNever (1863 posts) -

Consular Act 1 is awful. Won't get spoiler-y but the short of it is that at level 33, on Alderaan, I'm still doing the exact same thing I was doing since level 10 on Coruscant. I don't mean that it's just the same over arching story, I mean literally every planet since Coruscant has been the same story. I'm leveling along side a Jedi Knight and while most of his story beats could still be summed up as "Empire trying to destroy the republic/planet, stop them." the individual stories for those are different and fairly more compelling than what I've been doing.

The Consular story (at least Act 1, can't speak to anything beyond that yet) is just the exact same thing every planet with the exact same beats, and it feels like garbage. I'm determined to see it all the way through though, but yeah, it feels bad, poorly written, and just about as uninteresting as it could probably get, and extremely repetitive. I mean, the story in WoW is considerably more compelling than what I've been doing as a Consular so far, and the Consular story actually tries to "involve me" and "make me feel attached" and it's just.. terrible.

At least I don't hate the story as much as I hate Qyzen Fess, who is even more repetitive than my story somehow. Overall the Consular just feels almost rushed, I guess. I know that they said that each class had it's story written by like one person, but whoever wrote the Consular story, and then whoever approved the Consular story, could stand to learn something from most of the rest of the writers on the game I think.

#26 Posted by BombaLuigi (189 posts) -

imperial agent here

loved the first act, didnt care much for the second, and the third was okay'ish... the grand finale was kinda bad tho...

#27 Edited by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

I finished the first act of imperial agent last night..... holy cow what a way to round up that particular story arc.
However before that I almost finished Jedi Knight Act 1, and the story in that was....ok. Mostly because your work didnt seem all that important. But, based on what I've heard about the next 2 acts, it sounds like you do some things alot more significant.

#28 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2762 posts) -

Jedi Consular is pretty terrible. It's basically go do a bunch of boring quests, then heal some guy. Head to the next planet, repeat.

Smuggler so far (only level 12) is mildly intriguing. Trooper, not so much.

#29 Edited by VodkaMedia (42 posts) -

Apparently unlike most other people, I am really enjoying the Jedi Knight story so far. Then again, I just like being a Jedi and using a lightsaber and the Force instead of the blasters and what not. The story is fun so far, though I'm only level 23 on Chapter 1. I doubt I will enjoy it any less, for some reason. I have nothing against the classic "Jedi saving the galaxy from the Sith" story.

But if you do not like the story: David Hayter

EDIT: I think people are just against the Jedi stories because it has been done so many times, and shooting is the new thing with games, I guess. I will say that Nolan North makes a TERRIBLE Jedi, he is a good actor but he should have been the Smuggler.

#30 Posted by Vao (339 posts) -

Finished the Class story last night on a Agent sniper and loved it. There was a lull during chapter 2 but it picked up. Lots of late game twists and WTF moments i didn't see coming. I hear the Sith warrior gets really good later on from a friend I leveled with.

I would love to see the other class stories but the amount of story that is shared per planet is pretty large. I'm hoping the Legacy stuff launches with a way to see class stories buy maybe skip some of the general planet story stuff again. Only time will tell.

#31 Posted by JFetch (124 posts) -

The Trooper storyline is awesome. I have a character from every class, and the Trooper is the best in my opinion.

#32 Posted by ajamafalous (12454 posts) -
@Hunkulese said:

@ajamafalous said:

Jedi Knight is terrible, Jedi Consular is even worse than Jedi Knight, Smuggler Act 1 is great but Act 2 goes in a direction that I didn't want my character to, Trooper is basically Mass Effect 2. I haven't played any Empire yet.

I'm guessing you haven't played the JK for more than an hour. The story is great.

Actually, I finished Act 1.
#33 Posted by SadisticWOlf (111 posts) -

Smuggler Act 1 is very satisfying. The story is good but Skavak delivers as a chief adversary. How they tie him back into the story is well done and how his actions reflect on your own depending on light/dark side really help develop your own character.

Haven't gotten that far into the second act. It's a slow build up, which seems deliberate and generally true for every class' quest.

#34 Posted by Encephalon (1404 posts) -

Wrapped up Imperial Agent last night, and its pretty great. I love how far the story veers from all the Force stuff. Made it feel like a very different experience, which I appreciate.

#35 Posted by TheDrunkandthePwned (6 posts) -

Lvl 28 Sith Inquisitor, I'm probably enjoying it a bit more than is intended, but I'm just trying to embrace the Sith thing and be the biggest a$$hole possible. Check out my Sith is a Jerk videos for examples. I love the space battles.

#36 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

I'm liking the JK story so far. It's pretty much what I expected, but being able to roleplay a neutral Jedi has been fun. I generally do the good thing in games anyway, but it's nice to be able to outright murder someone in a conversation and not feel terrible about it as a character.

Really, my goal has been to make someone as close as possible to Jolee Bindo from KOTOR, and that, not the story, has been the source of most of my fun with the JK storyline so far.

I'll definitely try out the Imperial Agent story in the future. And I'm tempted to make a Bounty Hunter just so I can murderate with Blizz.

#37 Posted by Veektarius (5350 posts) -

I have a Sith Sorc and I think it's a fun story, delving into all these dark arts on various planets. I do feel the pacing is a bit off, as it progresses very slowly.

#38 Posted by StarvingGamer (9096 posts) -

My IA is only level 3 or something and has already used sex to help complete her mission.

This game is great.

#39 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

I'm in love with the Consular story to be honest. (currently on act 3. should be almost done.)

#40 Posted by FateOfNever (1863 posts) -

@Saseav said:

I'm in love with the Consular story to be honest. (currently on act 3. should be almost done.)

Did you enjoy Act 1 of the Consular? And/or does it pick up at all after Act 1?

#41 Posted by truckington (57 posts) -

Jedi Consular - Almost finished this one (2 quests left). It's alright. Seems to be one of the most integrated with the main/non-class story line.

Imperial Agent - Finished this one, really liked it. Secret agent flirting with everything that moves never got old to me.

#42 Edited by Saseav (65 posts) -

@FateOfNever: I enjoyed it, think of the consular storyline as overall being a part of the Jedi's SIS(which in reality, and in lore is really what a jedi shadow is). It is true, that act 1 is a bit err, and it is the weakest of the three acts. In a lot of ways the JC, is a 'what if' Darth Vader of sorts in act 2/3 as. but i won't say any more. spoilers on exactly what i mean below. there are major spoilers.


As act 1 ends you are named warden of the order, (act 1 has a shit story if you go darkside because you just killed hundreds of Masters). At the beginning of Act 2 you are called to prove to the a bunch of seperatists that the Republic can stand up to any threat it faces. To do this, the Supreme chancellor confers with the council on who to send, and give you the master title so it looks more you know official.(this is how the act begins. You being conferred the title of Master basically by the chancellor.)


Act 2 ends on the note, the traitor amidst the rift alliance was a child of the emperor. To stand against the empire, as the republic has just been attacked on all fronts,(they go on to say only the rift alliance came out nearly unscathed and they barely protected the core worlds) your sent to tython to speak with the reconstructed noetikons. They tell you to gather an army, so you go from belsavis to voss and etc recruiting and facing down the children of the emperor.

#43 Posted by altairre (1398 posts) -

I just bought the game today and am about to create my first character but I can´t decide if I should go Sith Inquisitor or Sith Warrior. Did anyone play both classes and can give me a hint which story seems more interesting?

#44 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

@altairre: from what ive played of the Sith inq it is ok

#45 Posted by dagas (3075 posts) -

My Dark Side Jedi Consular has been allright (lvl 37) but my patriotic agent has been pretty great (lvl 26). From what little I have played of the smuggler that seams like one of the better stories but I'm only 14 with the smuggler.

#46 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

@dagas: act 1 dark side consular doesnt seem to make sense tbh.

#47 Posted by JackG100 (427 posts) -

Skavak didnt like it when I told everyone about his STD-problems.

#48 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

On my trooper, I'm in chapter 2, I got the medical chick all over me and I'm looking forward to see how that plays out. On the smuggler, I'm bad, very very bad so its interesting to see how many people I get to shoot. The consular is ok and I just started the knight one.

#49 Posted by Saseav (65 posts) -

just started Corellia consular is now amazingly more awesome.

#50 Posted by Brodehouse (10537 posts) -
@Saseav: If you're going around wasting disgraced Jedi Masters to appease Republic Command, it sounds exactly what I would think a Jedi secret police would be.

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