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Thought it might be fun to have a thread in which you can post your "funniest home videos" like experiences with this game, be it something you saw some one else do or maybe something you did all by yourself.

I shall start of with my stupidist moment yet: After having played one BH to lvl 21 a shadow to 18 and in the beta a warrior up to 17, it took me until this morning to find out that at your class trainer their is not only a general tab but also one for the specific path you chose at lvl 10. Sufficient to say I felt both very (very) stupid but also happy cause I was already wondering when I was going to get all those skills I saw other people of my class had.

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Some bonus quests are annoying.
Somehow the dudes around the corner, from the same gang, do not count for the first stage of the bonus quest.
Understandable at times, but very silly when you're nearly done with a quest area and you notice your counter has been stuck on 13/15 stage 1 for the entire time.

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Party members being knocked off of high heights into packs of mobs is still fucking hilarious.

I wish I was playing knight simply because they get more shove powers. This entire game should just be pulls and shoves and lifts and ... It should be biotics from mass effect.

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I just wished they would put in a "group force choke" power that would let you choke up to 25 foes at the same time. I mean were talking one of the most powerful sith of the galaxy here (at lvl 50).

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@JoMate Are you suggesting they make Saints Row The Third into an MMO? Everyone is impervious to bullets. Pressing the 3 key kills twenty five men on the other side of the map. You ride other players as mounts.
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I came across a level 42 Sith Sorcerer battling the level 32 World Boss War Droid on Nar Shaddaa. I offer to give him a hand and proceed to get one shot. Giving up on actually contributing I spent the next twenty minutes buffing him and cheering from the sidelines. By the end we had a pretty decent little crowd of Imperial and Republic players watching him whittle this world boss down. Was truly impressive.

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Had something movie worthy today, whenever I would pull out my saber while walking it would start floating in these weird positions. The song would be a dubstep remix of O-zone.

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@JoMate: That is pretty fantastic.

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i really thought they fixed this stuff. iresso is such a pimp

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