Are the collectors editions good?

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I've been considering replaying both X-Wing and Tie Fighter (I have the original CD-Rom versions) but after reading the wiki entry it seems they were re-released with the XvT engine which should both making running in windows easier and provide some additional gfx detail.

Question is to anyone whose played them: are they bad remakes? Did they mess with the premission stuff too much? Did they break any game mechanics? Essentially, should I stick with the versions I have in DOSBox or hunt the the Collectors Editions down?

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So I decided to go with the 1998 version. Found there is a "classic mission" option that keeps the missions intact. I'll miss the music and art style of the original, but gameplay is the most important.

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You must have a joystick for the CE's.

Graphics are enhanced. However, I think the biggest loss is the imuse interactive music track. The stuff was all midi, though. I'm not sure if the GOG version lets you emulate a decent sound card like a Gravis Ultrasound or an AWE 32. I'd rather have non-interactive CD audio than FM synthesis.

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