Do we still care about Star Wars?

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With the KOTOR MMO to be unvieled october 21th, I started wondering again about the significance of Star Wars today... I like all the six movies, and I love KOTOR and Jedi Knight series. but all the negative backslash from later years, the prequels, the clone wars animation series and so on... I dont know.

SWG was one of the best games I ever played. I freaking loved it. It had MMO features that no game still has not managed to have.

Do you think that its still possible to love Star Wars even with everything that has happened?

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Yes, Star Wars is the best thing ever and anyone who disagrees with me will be banned. 

#3 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

DUH? What kind of a question is that?

#4 Posted by Bartiemus (253 posts) -

short answer yes long answer yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

#5 Posted by PureRok (4235 posts) -

I disagree with you MB.

#6 Posted by MB (12429 posts) -
PureRok said:
"I disagree with you MB."
#7 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -
MB said:
"PureRok said:
"I disagree with you MB."
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In video game form...I would say yes. In any type of film/TV form...No. I really, really want a KOTOR 3, not KOTOR MMO, but KOTOR 3.

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We still care because the universe is great. Sure they keep mucking it up (but there has been some good ones). But its a franchise that we can jump right into knowing what to expect somewhat. Ok that may have made no sense

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Star Wars is a title that even through some of the mistakes that have been made, I think most people are still willing to give it a shot.  

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Out_On_Bail said:
"Star Wars is a title that even through some of the mistakes that have been made, I think most people are still willing to give it a shot.  "
This is very true. After playing KOTOR I got reinvigorated with the franchise and bought Episodes 1-3 (even though I didn't really like any of them in theaters) opinion didn't really change, but it shows the power of an actual good story that uses the universe.
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i still love star wars but a lot of people don't care about it.

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i still love Star Wars,  they are my favorite movies up there with The Godfather, Indiana Jones, etc.

#14 Posted by guiseppe (2841 posts) -

Well, I think I'll always love teh first three movies, and considering how good the KotOR games were, I'm staying hopeful. At least when it comes to games.

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Am I the only person who didn't hate episodes 1-3? I think so.

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I liked all six episodes, although 3 is at a stretch...
Anyway, like I said in another topic, they could very easily make KotOR 3 as an MMO, with the full plot and character development that the other two games had. it's just that the people you'd get to know wouldn't always be with you. Your party would have to be other players.

Of course, just because it's KotOR-era doesn't mean we'll all be Jedi/Sith. Maybe we'll be one of the party members of some Jedi, and get to know his friends.

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yeah in game terms we don't care as much because we are used to sequels, all the damn time. there has been bad mario/resident evil games for example, but we are still looking forward to future installments. even after all the recent failures, people still have interest in sonic, for example.

but in movies I am not so sure... in 2009/2010 there will be a new live action star wars series, that focus on luke skywalkers early life on tatooine.. some people say it will be like what smallvile is to superman, but in star wars universe.

I dont know...

#18 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -

Never did, i always disliked the movies and the games are uninteresting for me. I do plan to play TFU at some point though, it looks like a fun action game

#19 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1545 posts) -
Black_Rose said:
"Never did, i always disliked the movies and the games are uninteresting for me. I do plan to play TFU at some point though, it looks like a fun action game"
If by fun you mean aggrivating, go ahead!   

No, but seriously, if your a fan of Star Wars I would definitely torture myself through TFU. 
#20 Posted by Omega (835 posts) -
luffylol said:
 but all the negative backslash from later years, the prequels, the clone wars animation series and so on... I dont know.

Who didn't like the Clone Wars? The one made by the Samurai Jack guys? I know I loved it, everyone I know (who enjoys Star Wars) did too. Or do you mean the new Clone Wars movie thing? That thing is an abomination.

Anyway to answer your question I agree with Kush I'd love to see some more good Star Wars games. But I never ever want to see another new Star Wars movie again. Its disgusting the way George Lucas has milked the Star Wars cow to death, and is now beating it with a stick to try and get at the last few dollars left in the franchise.

C'mon Lucas, seriously? A plucky child side kick for Anakin? He isn't fucking Batman!

If you are reading this, Lucas, you are raping my childhood and you should be ashamed.

...Good day sir!
#21 Posted by Willy105 (4690 posts) -

I still like Star Wars a lot.

#22 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -
Demilich said:
"Am I the only person who didn't hate episodes 1-3? I think so."
I didn't hate them, but I didn't exactly like them.
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I'm going to save myself the trouble of writing a scathing response to the query posed by this thread and just give myself a negative mark.  That way it'll be congrous with the rest of my posts and I get to save someone else the trouble of having to judge the merit of this post, as disfunctional as thier discretionary abilities to judge quality and merit most likely are. 

Oh, and no, never really have cared for it.  Though KOTOR was great, almost nothing changed from the first movie trilogy to the second except the addition of about 667% more CGI.

#24 Posted by GLaDOS (11 posts) -

Star Wars is classic, and is ALWAYS relevant..

The six movies are fantastic, and their pure awesome/impact on popular culture far outweighs the shittiness of the Clone Wars (such an ugly movie ;w; )
The hugeness of the canon scares me a bit, but it's always going to be an amazing idea, and the movies were just great. Such an integral part of my childhood (as they should be anyone's).

I wasn't expecting much of Force Unleashed but that wasn't bad either.
#25 Posted by SolemnOaf (535 posts) -

Dude, there's no way you can say the last movie they came out with was a classic.  No. Possible. Way.  In the first 20 minutes there were robots set on fire, a 2 ton walkway that collapsed on a character who just got up and walked around after being unconscious for about a minute, and an emergency scenerio that was averted without the slightest explanation.  Hell, I stopped watching after the first 20 minutes, I'm sure if I hadn't I'd be able to compile a list of flaws that would span paragraphs, if not pages. 

Star Wars (anything Lucas Arts, really) is kinda like entering into the Twilight Zone:  The Music's familiar, the characters are cliche, and everything's just a bit off.

thank you, i'll be here all night.

#26 Posted by PureRok (4235 posts) -

Meh. Star Wars is pretty boring and I've always found it a bit stupid.

#27 Posted by luffylol (56 posts) -

I cried near the end of KOTOR... I just thought it was such an amazing story. I couldn't believe it. and the music.. omg. on places like Dantooine. It was so incredible starwarshy.

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Have any of you seen the escapist latest? force unleashed review... he says some interesting things about lucas:

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I haven't really paid much attention to Star Wars for quite a few years, I'll skip the rant about prequels and crap like that because all that has been voiced to death by countless others right? I still love Star Wars and lately I've started to play KOTOR II (which so far I'm not that into it, loved the first game though). I even started watching the Clone Wars tv series which has it's pros and cons, I'll admit to skipping a few episodes though (who the eff said "hey let's give Jar Jar his own episode!"?).

I tried out the demo for The Force Unleashed on 360 which turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting, sure the story may be retarded but this is the closest I can get to a new Jedi Knight game. As for Bioware's MMO, the best of luck to them but every time I see "MMO" I get nervous because WoW is a behemoth to go up against. If any other fanbase can match the fantasy geeks it's Star Wars (although not everybody who plays WoW are into fantasy) and I do like the design of Bioware's Old Republic opting to go for a more animated look rather than the ultra realism approach.

For the love of crumb cake I just don't want another Galaxies *shudder* I remember years back when WoW was still in early development that a article had mentioned during a tour of the Blizzard offices they noticed many copies of Galaxies on desks as sort of a grim reminder of what could have been and what not to repeat.

#30 Posted by wrecks (2260 posts) -

nope. 30 years of bad guys in white plastic costumes is enuff for me. over it.

#31 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

Waiting for Jedi Knight 3: Jedi "insert name here" (not Academy). Make more like JK2 please...

#32 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4777 posts) -

i stopped caring when episode 1 was released.

#33 Posted by Lieutenant (347 posts) -

Yes. I love anything Star Wars but not to the point of shelling out 60$ for terrible games. I guess I'm also one of the few who enjoyed episode 1-3.

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