Does anyone know who Anakin Skywalkers father was?

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I was watching Episode 1 with my lady last night & I never realized how his mother tip-toes around the answer to that question when asked by Qui-Gon.
I'm assuming his father had to be a Jedi. Has this question ever been answered?
EDIT: Just so everyone knows Original Trilogy > New Trilogy

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I'm pretty sure she tip-toed around the question because she's got no clue who his father is. College was a crazy time for her, don't judge.

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It was yoda 

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@Lies: I'm not joking, that was actually what Lucas intended with that whole: "There was no father" thing. Shimi was literally impregnated by the FORCE.
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Forcen said:
"The Force is unusually strong with him, that much is clear. Who was his father?""There was no father. I carried ... [more]

Exactly the excerpt I was thinking of. She sounds like that lying-slut Virgin Mary.
EDIT: I was just reading over some theories & it talks about Darth Plagueis the Wise-
-possibly being Anakin's  father because of his skill in midi-chlorian manipulation.
BUT Plagueis is Muun which would mean so is Anakin & there's no way in hell Anakin was Muun.
Unless my weak mind just can't wrap itself around the ways of Force-Impregnation.
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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
Because my girlfriend only owns the Crap Trilogy & I wanted to watch Obi-Wan fight Ray Parks, lol.
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I'm pretty sure it was assumed Anakin was an immaculate conception born from the Force itself.
He's supposed to be a Christ figure of sorts.

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I'm going with my 'Rosemary's Baby' theory.

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ImperiousRix said:
I'm pretty sure it was assumed Anakin was an immaculate conception born from the Force itself.He's supposed to be a ... [more]
"Darth Plagueis stated that a child born of [midi-chlorian manipulation] would be the embodiment of the Force."
....well that fucks with my idea that the Munn, Darth Plagueis couldn't be the father.
I guess if he really was impregnating someone through midi-chlorians it could hypothetically just remain entirley the species of whomever conceived it.

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