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So, who's your favourite character from Star Wars? Movies, games, books, anything. I won't judge.
I'm still waiting for my copy of Heir to the Empire, but in the meantime I've been playing some Jedi Knight, and I gotta say, I really enjoy the character of Kyle Katarn. Especially the way he's characterized in Jedi Outcast. He's cynical about the Force, but he wants to do the right thing.

(Yes, I know I'm late to the party. If you're not interested in Star Wars, move right along.)

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Ciaphas Cain

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I've read most of the novels and Darth Caedus spoiler: Jacen Solo is definitely my favorite of all time. Probably the greatest Star Wars villain ever conceived, I think his story is way better than that of even Darth Vader.

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Having read the Heir to the Empire trilogy now, I have to amend my original conclusion and add Talon Karrde to the list. Maybe I've got a thing for reluctant heroes, but everything about this character totally rubbed me the right way. Hope to see more of him in the expanded universe.

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Karrde is awesome, especially his penchant for punny ship names (Wild Karrde, Starry Ice, ...shit, what was the third one? Haven't read those in a long time)

I really dug Corran Horn at first, but he became a bit eh as time went on. Face Loran (most of Wraith Squadron, actually) was a really cool, kind of different, kind of ruthless dude.

Pound for pound though, Grand Admiral Thrawn is my favourite character from the EU, dude is phenomenal.

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Stormtrooper TK-421. Despite getting his shit stolen, and the Death Star blowing up, I'm certain he continued with a long and successful career. The man gets my vote.

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When I was a kid it was Lando. Even then I was into moral ambiguity. Now I'm just not sure. The prequels add a ton of characters, none of them that good, but certainly more flashy. Probably Obi-wan I guess.

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Alec Guinness Obi-wan. When I think back, his lines and the way they were delivered were really what made Jedi and the Force something interesting that had a certain amount of dignity.

The prequels, the EU, and Star Wars video games have gone a long way to dismantling what that character in A New Hope accomplished.

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Revan, the Revanchist

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HK-47 obviously.

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