What is your favourite Star Wars game?

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#51 Posted by Delta_Ass (3807 posts) -

TIE Fighter's my favorite, followed by KOTOR.

#52 Posted by BackupPanic (120 posts) -

Star Wars: Republic Commando, game's still badass to this day. 

#53 Posted by deadshot_52 (68 posts) -


Battlefront 2



#54 Posted by ripelivejam (6447 posts) -

Fucking Tie mother fucking fighter fucker. Accept no fucking substitutes.

#55 Posted by CornBREDX (6745 posts) -

5 year old necro. Nice.

I don't have a singular favorite. I like several Star Wars games.

You could argue Star Wars Galaxies was my favorite since I played it for 5 years, though.

#56 Posted by Sinusoidal (2343 posts) -

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic without a doubt. Honorable mentions go to Jedi Knight 2, the trilogy on SNES (Empire being the highlight, though I played the first one more) and the Traveler's Tales Lego version of the original trilogy which blew my mind on PS2 back when it came out. So much nostalgia before nostalgia became such a thing. Too bad TT then proceeded to drive the formula into the ground. I never played any of the flight sim-ish ones.

#57 Posted by j_unit2008 (126 posts) -

I've had the most fun playing the Battlefront series although I will concede that they are not "the best" Star Wars games. They just seemed the most effective at making me feel like I was in an important battle.

#58 Posted by j_unit2008 (126 posts) -

Crap! Is it too late to change my answer to Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing???

#59 Posted by Hayt (589 posts) -

Jedi Outcast, Rogue Leader and Knights of the Old Republic.

#60 Posted by Dragon_Puncher (181 posts) -

Gotta be Knights of the old Republic.

Dark Forces and (weirdly) Star Wars. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace are pretty good as sell.

#61 Posted by hollitz (2100 posts) -

Rogue Squadron. The 2nd one on the gamecube had my favorite Star Wars level. The battle of Endor was great.

#62 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2180 posts) -

Ctrl+F "KotOR". 25 matches.

Yup. And more than a few were for KotOR II. Good job, people.

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