Is this game updating all the time for others?

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I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the game getting way too many updates over the last few days? I have had to download a 500mb-700mb patch 6-7 times now in the last couple days. I'm trying to figure out if my game is broken and it's just the same patch or if they have really been patching it that much. I have not been able to see if there has been any changes in game as every time I get the urge to go play it there's this massive patch waiting to download and by the time it's done I no longer want to play it and another patch is starting to download again by the time I go back to check.

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Uh, you're in the first wave of the beta. They're constantly updating it and changing things and balancing things and adding things and

They said this would happen a while ago. Don't get grumpy because the game is actually a beta, unlike the rest of these "betas" we've been getting for years.

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It's updating alot becuase there have been quite a few updates rolling out the last few days. You can look here for details on what they're doing.

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@weltal: @artelinarose: I understand there are going to be lots of updates, but getting 3 500+mb a day seems rather excessive.

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@weltal: @artelinarose: I understand there are going to be lots of updates, but getting 3 500+mb a day seems rather excessive.

Yeah, sorry. I kinda came across as frustrated or grumpy myself, didn't I? I didn't mean to. I'm all kinds of weird the past few months and I'm still figuring out how to control myself...

I've seen worse, though! Part of this phase of beta is the large, constant updates in order to get everything settled into the next phase. This game is not done. This is the bumpy road. It'll get better.

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@weltal: @artelinarose: I understand there are going to be lots of updates, but getting 3 500+mb a day seems rather excessive.

You could just turn off auto-updates for the game. As long as you're not playing online, you should be fine.

Unlike a big publisher/developer's betas, it's not being used as a demo or server stress test with an essentially feature locked client.

The game is actually in beta, there are giant chunks of gameplay being added and tweaked based on user feedback. The developers are looking at a three phase beta with this release being phase 1. This is where the largest and most constant updates will happen.

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More updates, I say! To all games, always! Sometimes they may fuck things up in a patch, but you know they will come out with a hot-fix! You can get even more updates for Starbound if you change your beta properties in Steam to "unstable" or "nightly". It's actually kindof cool that the "Stable" branch has been getting updates at all. Unstable and nightly have been kindof sketchy the past few months, like the game sometimes would throw errors and performance was bad. I believe the patch yesterday was for 800MB and today's was about 115MB, the game has a lot of new stuff and the performance seems better.


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