Yellow retires

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Yellow played his final pro-Starcraft match today on 2:22 PM in the 2nd set of the KT vs Shinhan game. 
Yellow's legacy: 
- He was the2nd born in a family of 2 brothers 
- In 2005, he won the Snicker's All Star League for a prize of 22 million won 
- For a long time he held the record for the 2nd most wins (106 wins) in the OnGameNet Individual League 
- He holds the record for the longest time at 2nd place on the KeSPA rankings for 12 months at second
- He is the 2nd progamer to earn a salary of over 100 million won 
- He holds the record for the 2nd most wins as a Zerg in team games 
- He was the 2nd progamer to get over 100 wins in the Star League (Boxer was first) 
- He was the 2nd progamer to get his name on the Star League Hall Of Fame (Boxer was first) 
- He was the 2nd progamer to sign a contract worth over 100 million won (Boxer was first) 
- He holds the record for the 2nd most votes in the All Star Matches 
- He earned his 222nd win against a Terran in an official match against SlayerSBoxeR 
- He was the 2nd progamer to set up an Internet Cafe franchise 
- He was the 2nd Zerg player to get a triple 60 (A win rate of over 60% against all 3 races) in the Star League 
- After facing a long slump he won his first game in 2 years and 5 days (735 days) against Bisu after he started to make a strong push at 2:22 PM  
- He has never won a major tournament despite getting to 2nd place numerous times 
BoxeR and Nada and all his old rivals and friends came to his retirement game to congratulate him on his career. BoxeR also gifted him with a copy of Starcraft 2.  


It's the end of an era =(

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