Anyone have this on their Top Ten?

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I don't recall this game ever being brought up during the GOTY deliberations and Brad, who is the big Starcraft guy, left it off his top ten list. It was an early 2013 release so did everyone just forget about it?

The game was never really on my radar and i'm just watching the QL for the first time now.

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Ayep, it's on mine anyway.

Brad's attention was diverted pretty much entirely into Dota2. And he is the most RTS dude on the site, others not so much. So there are your reasons.

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It was a solid game, last year it might have been like top 3 or so, but not this year. If the multiplayer was as good as Brood War it'd be the best game every year, but alas.

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On my list, at least! Though my time with it was a tad short, since I only played the campaign through and never touched the multiplayer.

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Yep, was on mine.

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i got it on 50% off thinking i wouldn't like it and i loved it now i'm waiting for legacy of the void special edition

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Totally was on mine, though I never got around to posting it >____>

As for Brad, he's become subsumed by the Dota. With the new patch, maybe we can get him back into SC (Star Strikers with the Daily Dota gang PLOX?)...

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It might've been on mine, but then I remembered I ruled against allowing expansions in prior years, so I left it out!!

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I would have been 12th-12th on mine. For some reason it just didn't grab me as Blizzard games usually do. Not sure why.

But it also seems to have slipped a bit from public consciousness as well. You don't hear it continually talked about in the way past StarCraft games were.

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Wings of Liberty was number 2 or 3 for me that year, but I didn't even finish HotS. The campaign's story was bumming me out, which kept me from booting it up often and even trying multiplayer this time around. Sad times.

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Weird, when I use the list tool it puts everything in a random order.

It was my seventh favorite game last year.

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