Can you not play custom maps in single player any more?

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I hadn't touched SC2 since early 2012, so maybe this happened a while ago, but did they remove the option to run custom maps through single player mode*? You definitely could before, but I'm not seeing that option on the new (to me) interface.

*You can save/load the game and pause whenever, like when you're playing the campaign

*Edit: I eventually found a way of playing Arcade mode games through single player, but it's a terribly dumb solution.

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@bbalpert: I believe it's in the custom games tab or you might in the versus A.I. in the matchmaking tab. There is no save/loading, but you can pause whenever. It kind of sucks, but for me, it's not a big deal.

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I had this question as well. I could only get it to do a 2v2 when I tried and I couldn't change the map, but it could be because the game was still downloading in the background.

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What do you mean by "single player mode"? If you mean against an AI or no one else, just enter "custom games", choose "create game" on the map you want and don't open it up to the public. If you mean offline, then you must have already downloaded the map previously, but the method should be the same. You can also right click on a map and choose "create offline game" but I don't actually see how that's different to "create game".

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@mrpandaman: Alright thanks, I just wasn't sure if I was missing something. Overall, the saving is not too a big deal, but there are some kinds of maps where it is kind of a bummer. Specifically RPG maps and Impossible Scenario maps, where you need basically perfect micro or you're boned.

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@bbalpert: If you look in the Arcade tab, some maps do have those RPG and those scenario that you can play after you've downloaded them in the custom games tab if I'm also not mistaken there as well. Again, I'm not sure about those since I don't type of maps that often.

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I actually did find a way of saving and loading with Arcade maps, but it's really, really fucking stupid (although part of the solution is kind of neat).

Pre 1.5 Arcade patch, to play a custom/UMS/trigger map with single player features, you had to...

  1. Click "Single Player"
  2. Click "Custom game" (or something to that effect)
  3. Pick your map
  4. Play your game with the ability to save and use cheats and all that

Now in order to play an RPG map with full single player features you need to...

  1. Go to the online Arcade mode
  2. Pick your map
  3. Host an online match with that map, but don't open it to the public
  4. Start the match
  5. Wait for it to load up the map (however long that might take on your computer)
  6. Leave the match once it has finished loading
  7. Make sure that you've selected "Save replay" before skipping past the post-match stats screen
  8. Go into the "View replays" mode
  9. Pick your replay
  10. Wait for it to load up the map again
  11. There is a button that lets you take control of the game from whatever point in the match the replay is at. Click that.
  12. Play your game with the ability to save and use cheats and all that

The Arcade interface is pretty neat looking, and the "pick up from here" function for replays is a really great feature, but it is NOT a replacement for the simple "click on the map that you want to play and go" interface. The hell, Blizzard?

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