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Has Blizzard officially stated what format Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will be taking? I've heard some people say that Wings of Liberty will be the "core" Starcraft II, and that the other two campaigns will be expansion packs. I've heard others report that all three games will be stand-alone products, with all three factions available in multiplayer mode as well as the unique campaigns they contain. Have we received confirmation one way or the other?

EDIT: Never mind, finally found this on the FAQ on the official site.

"What is the Starcraft II trilogy?
The Starcraft II Trilogy consists of the base Starcraft II game and two subsequent expansion sets. Starcraft II is subtitled Wings of Liberty (working title) and will include a lengthy single-player campaign that focuses on the Terrans and puts players in the role of Jim Raynor, one of the series' main heroes. The first expansion set, Heart of the Swarm (working title), will follow later and include a single-player campaign focusing on the Zerg and Kerrigan, Queen of Blades. The second expansion set, Legacy of the Void (working title), will continue the story experience with a single-player campaign centered on the Protoss."

There's another question that assures us that we'll still be able to play as Zerg and Protoss in multiplayer mode even without the appropriate expansion sets, yet they carefully avoid stating the specifics about how the expansions themselves will work. personally I find it a bummer, since I was only interested in the Zerg campaign.

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