Frame rate issues?

#1 Posted by NickyDubz (323 posts) -

Hey guys I have been getting some wierd frame drops when my units build buildings. Like it stops for a second or two then speeds back up to catch up. Any idea why that might be happening? I'm currently rocking an Alienware m14x i7 GT555m 6GB Ram

#2 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

When the game first launched the home screen was literally a slideshow, but once I got into the game it stopped. Few days after launch it was fixed and I have not come across any slowdown since on that screen or in game. All I can suggest is to fiddle around with the settings and to make sure drivers are up to date.

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I've been getting generally poor performance as well, not sure why, This computer is far more powerful than my old one and that one played wings of liberty very well on high settings.

screen will freeze completely while the game runs in the background (0 frames per second?) bad framerate, poorly synced cut scenes, etc. Good thing it's a damn fun RTS all the same.

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Have you updated your video card drivers lately? You might want to look around and ask on the Blizzard technical support forums as they might be able to give you more support than here.

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Shouldn't be too much of an issue in single player; in 3v3 and up multiplayer and custom games the game's engine itself can't handle a certain amount of units/activity at once and chugs no matter what. All In from WoL on Brutal and Hard gets close to that threshold as well.

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Using onboard graphics card or expansion card?

I run a GTX460 1GB card with 8GB of RAM and the only time I get frame rate stuttering (single player mind you) is when I have a full 200 capped zerg and I bring a drop pod in.

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I have updated my video drivers and still have some issues I'm just confused because I should be able to run this thing at least on high single player and 1v1

#8 Posted by Thule (721 posts) -

Considering the speed-up and -down you're experiencing, I'd say it's a processor issue. Could you run dxdiag (type it into your Windows Start search bar) and see what it says? It's usually pretty good about finding our what's wrong.

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I have noticed that HotS seems to run somewhat poorer, comparatively speaking, to WoL. I know that the system requirements did go up slightly, but I'm surprised that on the rig I just put together, I can have things like Dark Souls and Crysis 2 cranked up but in order to maintain over 60 fps in HotS I have to play with most settings on high (textures remain on Ultra).

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