Is your Heart lonely? Join the swarm. (Teaming up for beta.)

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So, despite having been a naughty boy this year (day one, I was already hung-over, pissed and confused), I seem to have received a grand present in my mail-box. Oh, what is this, I exclaim with a bubbling sense of glee. A beta-key for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm! As put it; "Congratulations, you've just taken a short-cut to ruining your life again." And right he is.

However, there is something lacking in this picture. In order to really fulfill my addiction, I feel that I need others to support me in my endeavours. In short, I need some duders to play with; be it unranked or ranked gameplay, private 1v1s (That sounded awkward to me, too), 2v2s (Less so, but yep), it'd just be great to have someone to team up with and kick some arse. I've gone through my steam-list a number of times and it seems that I am one of the rare individuals given this beautiful opportunity to throw what remains of my social-life away, so duders, if you got the Beta, hit me up. As I understand it, the beta servers aren't regional as the actual game is, so whether you're in the US, UK or behind the Subway outside the airport in Hong Kong, we'll be able to play together.

Full discloure, I only just received my invite and am still getting my head around the new tech-tree, balance-changes, etc. That said, I used to be master league back when I took SC 2 seriously, so I reckon that with a bit of practice, I should be able to keep up just fine and shine on you, crazy diamond. So if you're interested, well, you know the drill.

Edit: Can a mod capitalize the "S" in swarm? I feel like the awfulness of that pun needs to be put in the limelight.

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I caught this guy playing Chivalry on a Saterday afternoon for crying out loud. I tell you this guy has no idea how to ruin a life! Someone help him out already!

Ow and starcraft .. suck or something.

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I'd love to play with you, don't have an invite though.

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