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Have they fixed the broken UMS yet?

I decided not to buy this because of how badly they handled the UMS system in the original SC2. I played WC3 for about 3 years with the vast majority of my time spent playing dota, kodo tag, TD map, ect. I bought SC2 believing that I was going to get the same modding experience. Instead I got 10 maps that were only played because they came out first. All the good maps got no attention because of Blizzards UMS system and fell to the bottom. It was impossible to play any game that was not on the first page or two. I quit trying shortly after release and haven't tried since. I played the campaign of SC2 WoL and thought it was ok, and played multiplayer but I knew those would only hold me for so long. If this expansion doesn't fix the UMS I don't think it would be worth my money.

Has there been anything in this expansion or patches that would give any hope to a person like me?

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They improved it quite a bit with arcade etc. But I never played WC3 and rarely use the UMS, so might be worth just installing WoL again and having a look yourself.

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